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Huge popularity in the modern worldsports and casual shoes are occupied by Nike models. And it's not accidental. After all, it was organized by its athletes: Phil Knight, running, and his coach - Bill Bowerman. And who, if not them, know about the importance of the quality of the material from which any footwear is made. Nike, as a company, has been counting its history since 1971. Seven years later the company became one of the market leaders, and the brand received worldwide recognition. By the way, the name of the company was given in honor of the goddess Nicky (the mythology of Ancient Greece), and the famous logo in the form of a stroke (or "tick"), symbolized the wing of the invincible daughter of Pallant and Styx.

Any athlete dreams of winning! Therefore, in 1971, the first Nike sneakers were released. Phil Knight, who had some success in athletics, knew better than anyone else how to have a very comfortable, high-quality footwear, which at the same time should be quite light (the one that will lead to victory). After all, for a sportsman comfortable shoes are of great importance! Four years later, Bill Bowerman improves the sneakers of the sneakers, making it fluted, which helps to improve the push of athletes at the start and reduce the weight of models.

winter boots Nike

All products of the company, and, of course, winter shoesNike, is distinguished by its reliability, convenience, safety and at the same time stylish appearance. The company cooperates with well-known professional athletes: Maria Sharapova, Michael Jordan, Fernando Torres and many others. They also choose the comfort and quality characteristic of the company's products. People who take care of themselves, thoroughly approach the choice of shoes. Because of this depends the convenience of movement and, most importantly, leg health. Especially in winter, when there is severe frost, and snow lies. Winter footwear Nike will provide warmth at any temperature of air! This is a genuine leather and natural fur, which, if properly handled by the product, permanently retains a neat and beautiful look. In addition, the brand models are robust, fit the size and support the foot well.

Nike winter shoes

Products Nike (winter shoes, including) is not in vainis considered the best among sports and among casual shoes. For its production, high-quality materials are used, such as suede, leather and fur (which have already been mentioned). By the way, this product can be called high-tech. For this footwear, which reduces the load on the spine during running with air cushions along the edges of the sole, also tightly surrounds the foot, preventing it from injury. Specialists Nike strive to ensure that the shoes were comfortable for both sports and walks. Probably, this is what made the company's products so popular. Practice shows that demand is enjoyed both by winter footwear Nike, and summer / demi-season.

Sneakers Nike

The company Nike, which once produced onlysports shoes, now a well-known world brand that has in its assortment not only men's, women's and children's footwear for any purpose, but also a large collection of clothes, which is also very popular. Maybe you should buy yourself something? And in practice, evaluate all the advantages of the goods of this company! Particularly relevant will be winter footwear Nike in the Russian winter.

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