Rings with a green stone: an overview. Gold ring with emerald


When choosing a ring with a green stone in jewelrystores can easily be confused because of the variety of color range of crystals and jewelry with them. After all, each of them has its own design, appearance, source material. Each ring with a green stone has its own purpose. And how do you choose the very same thing for all this jewelry?

The main varieties of rings

Initially, you should determine the main type of such jewelry. All rings are divided into simple and complex. They are delimited by structure, inserts and design.

Golden ring with green stone

Complex rings

Such jewelry with green stones is enriched with a scattering of crystals, engraving, decorative rim decoration. Most often they are made of gold, non-ferrous metals and iron.

These types include:

  • Cocktail decorations - volumetric, with a variety of different crystals and decorated rim.
  • Anniversaries are intended for a gift to the wife in honor of a significant date in a joint life.
  • Ring Watches. Instead of inserting a massive stone, a miniature dial with a lockable lid is used, which is complemented by natural crystals.

Ordinary rings

Simple jewelry is differentsimplicity and unpretentiousness. This section includes engagement rings, prints and monograms. Most often they have a smooth bezel and a minimal amount of precious stones.

To simple rings can be attributed and religious. They also have a smooth coating, but they can have various kinds of inscriptions. Such rings can be worn as a charm or amulet.

Signet or signet. Men's rings with a green stone and not only. They are massive jewelry with a large shield in the middle. It may contain initials or some other symbols.

Ring for the widow. It is a symbol of memory and fidelity to the deceased spouse, has a smooth form and a large black stone in the middle.

According to the material, the rings can be made of gold, silver, bronze, non-ferrous and alloy metals, rubber and porcelain. Less often in the creation of such jewelry is used textiles, rubber and wood.

Precious stones of green color

Among all rocks in nature there are 15 of the most famous crystals of this color and about 90 less popular. Between themselves, they differ in shade from yellow-green to gray-blue.

Gold ring with emerald

In some natural stones a varietyGreen color is rare, which increases their value. In this category of rocks falls demantoid. In its properties, such a stone is similar to a diamond, it has a bright green color with a touch of tarhuna. Demantoid is a kind of pomegranate and is highly valued because of its refractive index.

Rings with a green stone

The most popular gem of greencolors can rightfully be called an emerald. The main advantages of such a crystal are transparency, bright color, high dispersion coefficient and chromium content, which adds a beautiful shade to it. Made with emerald: gold rings and silver, pendants and pendants.

A gem is suitable for both men and women.women. But it's best to wear ornaments and rings with an emerald framed with white metals or silver. Their shades can emphasize the beauty and splendor of a natural crystal, and not outshine it. Jewelry with such a precious stone is included in the category of expensive.

Silver rings with green stone

Sapphire is also considered a natural crystal andis a kind of corundum. The color range of this stone can vary from rich to light green with a smoky shade. Sapphire is ideal for gold and platinum. Can be used in bracelets, rings and necklaces. The stone itself is very solid and has an interesting refraction of light, which adds value and beauty to it.

A natural nugget tourmaline has twovarieties: chameleonite and verdelite. The first has a less bright shade, similar to olive, and the second has a deep green color with colorful overflows. Tourmaline as a stone gained its popularity long before our era and was widely used in jewelry.

Semi-Precious Nuggets

Among these stones, you can also highlight interestingGreen crystals with a lot of colors and impurities. The most common are: jasper, chrysolite, seraphinite, aventurine, malachite and nephrite. The latter two are most often attributed to a group of ornamental stones.

Ring with a stone of green color

Jade has an extensive color scheme of greencolor and includes almost all of its shades. The stone has a non-uniform color and blotches. Because of the strength of jade and resistance to chemical elements in the old days, figurines and boxes were made from it. In the modern world, from such a natural stone, not only do-it-yourself works are made, but also jewelry. More often in the shop windows you can find rings or pendants with jade. The main advantages of the crystal are its low price and unusual appearance.

Men's ring with green stone

Another no less popular natural stonemalachite is considered. Opaque crystal has a beautiful and unusual pattern. The most valuable specimens of such a natural stone are in the Urals and are mined for the manufacture of ornamental works. Products made of malachite will be an excellent gift and decoration in the house. The price of such a stone is also low.

Basic precious metals for rings

The jewelryProducts with a green stone of gold and silver. They give their master warmth and positive energy. This is due to the impact of a natural green crystal on a person who promotes inspiration and tranquility.

Silver rings with green stones and ornamentsof this metal are well distributed among jewelry. Also, cutlery and souvenirs are made from it. Silver is perfectly combined with emerald and jade because of its smooth structure and solid color. It is also quite strong and inexpensive.

The King of Precious Metals

It is worth acknowledging that the most popular aregold rings. With an emerald, tourmaline, sapphire and other natural stones. Gold is an expensive metal with beautiful shine and overflow. From it, decorations and decorative coatings for cheap alloys are made. If earlier jewelry was made only of white, yellow and red gold, now they are added to pink, blue and green colors. Also, this metal can be combined with platinum and titanium.

Silver and gold rings with green stonesperfectly decorate a person and give him their warm energy. To wear such a natural crystal is recommended in combination with white gold, silver or platinum. Also, green stones can decorate the house, and transform the interior. Among such a variety of natural stones in rings and ornaments, anyone can find exactly his crystal, which will bring him happiness and well-being.

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