"Kelton" - shoes from a popular Italian manufacturer


In the year nineteen seventy-five, the brothersPieroni, Sauro and Giuseppe, founded the trademark Kelton. Today it is still a family business, the success of which is due to the excellent quality of models and understanding of the requirements of its admirers. The main principle of the popular brand is the production of only quality women's shoes.

kelton shoes
Agree, meet the needswealthy and sophisticated clients is not so simple. Despite everything, "Kelton" - shoes, which won not only the Italian. It has won millions of women's hearts far beyond the solar country.

The secret of company success

"Kelton" - shoes, which became an examplecombination of shoe craftsmanship and innovative technologies. The brothers of Pieroni fully believe that manual labor is a pledge of excellent quality and individuality, therefore they give it increased, special attention. Even today, many manufacturing operations are performed manually. "Kelton" - a shoe that is made only in Italy and only from natural materials.

Collections "Kelton"

The assortment of the famous brand is so great,that secular ladies and ordinary women can choose a suitable elegant footwear for everyday wear. You can buy smart shoes with a stud and reliable shoes for slushy autumn. And also warm and light boots made of genuine leather and fur.

italian kelton shoes

Model Features

Most models of "Kelton" - on a convenientwedge. It is used both in shoes, and in ankle boots, and in boots. On such a sole, women feel confident. Correctly designed shoe does not cause any inconvenience. Italian shoes "Kelton" is very diverse. It represents all modern styles. Shoes "Kelton" combines everything that a woman can desire. Thanks to unique technologies, excellent quality, the brand has gained popularity all over the world.

Winter models

Women know how sometimes it is difficult to dochoice of shoes for winter. But if you visit the stores of the company "Kelton", the winter shoes will cease to be a problem for you. Half-boots and boots with lining made of natural fur will make your stay on the street even in a strong frost comfortable and pleasant.

kelton shoes

Company "Kelton" in Russia

The famous Italian brand takes an activeParticipation in international exhibitions held in Russia. Our compatriots have long appreciated the quality of the products of the company "Kelton". Shoes brand is ideal for the harsh Russian climate. One of the company's collections was created for Russia.

For whom is the brand shoes manufactured and where can I buy it?

Basically, all the collections of "Kelton" are created forbusiness women who know and appreciate modern style, comfort and chic. For the beautiful ladies who spend most of their lives at work and in shoes, first of all, they value functionality. Buy these shoes can be in the company's branded stores, branded boutiques. But if you do not have time for active shopping, then contact a trusted and reliable online store.

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