Leopard dress: what to wear and what to choose


Leopard print is one of the mostrisky in choosing clothes. But with the right staffing, it will make your image trendy and expensive. True, a small mistake can significantly reduce the price of the whole look or vulgarize it. If you do not dare to include a blouse or a dress with leopard print in your wardrobe, you can start with accessories. For example, with a neck scarf or belt. Well, those who have long been tormented by the question: "Leopard dress with what to wear?" - Please pay attention to the following tips.

There are basic rules for wearing things with a leopard print:

  • The leopard does not tolerate cheap fabrics. All things of this color should be made of expensive, natural fabrics;
  • similar print can not be in harmony with brightflowers and with other animal designs. It is not necessary to try to find a bright combination, the leopard is self-sufficient, it alone will suffice to create a memorable ensemble. Also under the ban is a leopard combined with a pattern under a zebra or a tiger;
  • The leopard is difficult to combine with a thing, executed in a similar color. In the kit there can be a maximum of two things with leopard coloring, but they may differ slightly in shades;
  • The leopard attracts attention, which means that it needswear on the most beautiful parts of the body. For example, if you have slender legs, then sandals or shoes of this color will be in place. Do not take risks and wear a leopard dress to young ladies a little plump.
  • The best combination for a leopard is black, white, gray, brown, beige. With caution, you can try combining it with things of a monophonic red color, or, say, with blue jeans;
  • Gold jewelry is well complemented by an outfit containing a base item with a leopard print.

Leopard dress with what to wear: tips and tricks

Leopard dress with what to wear? A similar question arises in the head of almost every fashionista. First of all, you should pay attention to the style and style of your dress. If this is a light summer sarafan in the floor, then there will be enough black sandals on a flat sole and a pair of bracelets.

But if this dress is a case that emphasizesfigure, you can pick up beige or black shoes. Also, the ensemble is completed with a clutch or purse of the same colors as the shoes. If the leopard print is printed on the turquoise or pink surface of the dress, then you can choose accessories of such colors. Do not choose jewelry, bracelets of the same leopard coloring as the dress.

Leopard dress with what to wear - it's notthe only important point. The value has and where to put it on, what make-up to choose. The ideal situation for the "leopard exit" - a party, a corporate, a trip to a nightclub. Makeup is desirable bright, but natural colors. For example, red lipstick, black mascara and the perfect tone.

With what to wear a leopard skirt

Leopard skirt is complemented by a blouse of those flowers,which were listed above, as well combined with this coloring. That is, they will be good blouses, longsleeves of black, white, beige color. Speech can not be about leopard tights, only a solid or black color. An excellent finding will be a jacket made of leather or suede brown. Shoes are selected in the same color as the top.

With what to wear leopard shoes

Leopard shoes can provide theirThe possessor has more choice than a dress or blouse of the same color. But without observing the basic rules, you can not do without it. For example, leopard shoes are good with light jeans or with a strict black skirt-pencil. So, with leopard shoes you can wear a skirt, trousers, jeans or overalls, a dress. The main thing is to choose the right color and do not mix more things of a similar color. For a complete combination, you can only admit the presence of leopard gloves or glasses with a similar frame.

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