Skirt: types and their features


From time immemorial one of the main places in the wardrobethe woman takes the skirt. The types of this wardrobe are so diverse that absolutely any representative of the weaker sex will be able to choose the style that suits her. The skirt is elegant and feminine. Today it can be sewn from a wide variety of materials. In addition, invented a huge number of styles, models and styles. Note that the fashion for skirts changes very quickly, but at whatever time and according to whatever fashion trend you live, the skirt is that clothing that will help you emphasize the main advantages of your figure, hide your shortcomings, show your individual style. What kind of skirt can be?

Classification of the types of skirts means by itselfGradation by appointment, style, style, cut and other criteria. It is very difficult to understand all this, and, in fact, it is not necessary. So, for example, the types of skirts are cut, according to the silhouette - straight, narrow and expanded, along the length - micro, mini, midi and maxi.

Skirts by length

skirt types
The hem of the mini skirt ends above the knees. Especially popular among young fashionistas. And this is not surprising, because such a wardrobe gives the opportunity to show the harmony of the legs and the figure as a whole. Naturally, to wear such a skirt is better only for those who are really slender and have beautiful legs. There is also a "micro" length, when the skirt barely covers the buttocks.

skirt types
Midi - something between short and longskirt, and this option, perhaps, the most common. And of course, maxi, as you might guess, is the longest skirt. It is appropriate at any time of the year, perfectly conceals the shortcomings of the figure and today enjoys great popularity. Stylists say that maxi is the most actual and practical skirt in the summer!

Types of skirts by silhouette

silhouettes of skirts
The style in the A-style fits the hips likethe letter a". This skirt is considered classic and universal. Depending on the material, color and length, it can be worn for a wide variety of activities.

The skirt-sun is sewn from a circle of a fabric, and theThe name she received is due to her unique form. This option is an excellent choice if you are going for a walk, meeting with friends. It will allow you to hide extra centimeters and create a unique romantic image.

If you like business style - givepreference for strict skirts, which, however, are not inferior to other models in elegance. It's about a skirt, a pencil. This is a narrow model up to the knee or below it. Usually there is a cut behind. In addition to the "pencil", popular in the business style and straight skirt.

types of skirts in cut
Types of skirts are very numerous, and describe themyou can spend hours, but you can not forget about the model "year". It fits the upper part of the legs (hips) and sharply widens downwards, which is facilitated by the triangular wedges sewn down below. This model does not go out of fashion, although it is not very popular as daily wear. Do not say this about the tulip skirt, which is in fashion for several seasons in a row.

No matter how confident you are that you do notno skirt is suitable, the types of skirts are so varied that you will surely find something for yourself. Try to throw this thought out of your head as quickly as possible and go in search of the option that is right for you!

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