How to know the size of a foot


How to know the size of the foot - this is the question most oftenyoung moms ask. However, there are also cases when a lot of people are interested in this. At the moment we are meeting with the real dominance of online stores, in each of which - literally a lot of different shoes. However, it strongly worries the question whether a new purchase will suit you. On most sites there is a special table, but how to know the size of the foot? Actually, they are different. At the moment there are three measurement systems - CIS, French - insole and English inch.

Determine the size of the foot on the first - this is to measurelength in millimeters from the most protruding part of your heel to the tip of the long finger. Naturally, the leg should be without shoes. There is a method most often, since it is very convenient and easy.

How can I know the size of my feet using the French method? Here everything depends on the insole - the unit of measurement is a stroke, the length of which is two-thirds of a centimeter. Perhaps, the French approach is convenient, but for most ordinary people it is not clear.

How do you know your foot size in the English system? Here, too, the answer depends on the insoles. But the system is much more accurate and thoughtful. The zero size of the English is considered to be a newborn's foot, equal to an average of four inches. Each following number moves away from the previous one by one third of an inch. And so to 13. Then, already retreating from the thirteenth number, which became a unit, in the same rhythm moves on. The English version is not as complicated as the French one - nevertheless, the system adopted in the CIS is much more understandable to an ordinary person. True, there are a couple of other American ways how to know the size of a leg, but they also do not differ in simplicity.

However, theory is one thing, practice is somewhatother. Let's leave some practical recommendations, how you can easily and quickly determine the size of the foot of a child or an adult. To do this, you need to stand with your two feet on a blank sheet of paper. After this, ask someone to take a simple pencil and circle the feet of your feet.

To avoid any inaccuracies,say that you need to keep it pointed to the foot and press it as tightly as possible. After all the necessary procedures have been done, you will need to measure the length of the resulting drawings. If it happened that one of the feet is slightly larger than the other, then you need to look at the highest value. Round the result obtained to 5 mm in the larger direction - and the required number in front of you.

To determine the individual volume of shoes,you will need to make a couple more measurements. The first of them is the distance in centimeters from the inner to the outer edge of the foot, which passes through the highest point of its arch. The location of this point is somewhere near the fold of the foot.

If it was required to measure the child's leg,do the same. It is important to take into account the fact that the child in no case should not sit, since in standing position the foot is slightly flattened and may be more. Keep track of his fingers - they should not be pinched, otherwise the measurements can be removed incorrectly, and the selected shoes - much less necessary. Do not forget that the child grows very quickly. That's why the measurements of its legs should be made in advance - preferably right before buying, and yet, wearing socks or pantyhose. By the way, with regard to socks - it is advisable for adults to do the same, in case it is necessary to purchase winter footwear.

Everything, now you know, as quickly and withoutwork with the necessary size of shoes, and now you can buy them in shops where you are comfortable - regardless of whether they are on the Internet or somewhere nearby.

Now for you it's simple and convenient.

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