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A round decoration that does not have a beginning or an end is a symbol of the eternity of the family union, and the precious metals from which it is made are of how much the two loving people are dear to each other from now on.

engagement rings tiffany
The tradition of exchanging rings came to us from the ancient Egyptians as a sign of unbreakable and long love. It is believed that the rings were the first decorations of the Egyptian pharaohs.

Traditionally, an absolutely smooth product is considered an engagement ring. Today, many couples support this tradition. But there are also lovers who choose unusual and exclusive jewelry.

Perhaps one of the most popular jewelryhouses offering the bride and groom wedding rings in a huge assortment is "Tiffany" - a world-famous brand that pleases its admirers for almost 200 years. It features an easily recognizable elegant style, a huge selection of models, the highest quality.

The company "Tiffany" can satisfy the mostrefined and refined tastes of their customers. But the most famous were engagement rings "Tiffany" with diamonds. The most famous color stone, which became the company's trademark, was "Inner Fire" - a yellow diamond with 90 faces (while the bulk of diamonds have fifty-eight faces).

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According to our traditions, engagement rings are considered,which the young exchange on the day of the wedding, and in the West, the ring worn on the day of the engagement is also considered to be engagement. Gradually, this tradition has taken root in us, so many young people give a favorite ring on the engagement day, which indicates the seriousness of intentions. Today, the engagement rings "Tiffany" are made in a set - for the engagement and the wedding. Their range is huge and you can always pick up a version close to your heart.

We want to warn you that the brand "Tiffany" more oftenothers are copied. This also applies to wedding rings. "Tiffany" (original) can not cost less than $ 1000. Therefore, you should be alerted by the product offered at a lower price.

Ageless, always fashionable classics arerings "Tiffany" engagement. The prices for them are quite high, but this is justified. Over time, they become more chic and more expensive and are inherited as a relic. These decorations are preferred by celebrities and business elites around the world.

wedding rings tiffany original
Engagement rings "Tiffany" differ fromproducts of other famous brands by the presence of precious stones of an unusual caramel shade. In some collections, they are somewhat "drowned" in metal, not exhibited, resulting in the product looks aristocratic and at the same time touching and tender.

Engagement rings "Tiffany" amaze with its versatility - their bright and unusual design fits any woman.

A soft blue box, tied with a white satin ribbon, is a distinctive sign of Tiffany & Co.. It makes thousands of women's hearts tremble all over the world.

All products from "Tiffany", including engagementrings, have a quality certificate, a lifetime warranty. Throughout the term of the master the firms will support the product - if necessary, clean it, professionally take care of the stones.

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