Perfume "Little Black Dress" Guerlain continues to conquer the world


One of the oldest perfume companies Guerlainwas founded in 1852 by Pierre Guerlain. Since 1955 the company was headed by his grandson Jean-Paul Gerlen, who during his time in the company created more than 300 amazing compositions. Now the company belongs to the cosmetic concern LVMN. It has 600 patented names of perfume, original elaborations of decorative cosmetics, unique skin care products.

a small black gerlen dress
In 2009, the company introduced a new composition- "Little Black Dress" Gerlen. It was a small limited edition. The composition, enclosed in a bottle of classical form, crowned with a cap in the form of an inverted heart, made a lot of noise. The creation of perfumers was inspired by the famous black dress from the unique Coco Chanel. Perfumes have a bright fruity odor, surprisingly combining the aromas of exotic fruits and fruits. In the composition there are notes of Sicilian lemon, bitter almonds, tender licorice, exquisite smoky tea, musk, vanilla and rose.

In two years, the perfume "A Little Black Dress"Gerlen were "republished." The second, updated version of the line was presented to the general public. The composition was surprisingly sweet and tender. Instead of licorice, which dominated in the original version, in the second version appeared greens galbanuma. In early 2012, thanks to the collaboration of Gerlene with Thirry Wasser, another flank of the favorite fragrance appeared.

gerlen little black dress

The third version of the fragrance opens with a fresh bouquetcherries and red berries, intertwined with a bright aroma of almonds, flavored with bergamot. In the heart of the composition there are fragrant Bulgarian and Turkish roses, tender licorice and black tea. The base of the fragrance is iris, anise, patchouli and vanilla. Perfume "Little black dress" Gerlen in the third version is declared by the manufacturers as an interpretation of the original fragrance, although there is practically no similarity between them. Two versions combine only the design of the bottle.

Many experts believe that thePerfumery Guerlain "Little Black Dress" somewhat resembles the idea borrowed from Chanel, so often the creators of the fragrance are accused of plagiarism. However, the company's supporters and fans of the new fragrance provide strong arguments in favor of the uniqueness of the third version.

gerlen little black dress отзывы
A new composition by Gerlen "Little Blackdress ", reviews of which are very controversial, refers to fragrances for young people.The creators managed to catch the mood of a small fragile girl in a black dress made of airy fabrics.

It should be noted that thisunique flavor. All day you will be in a fragrant cloud, which will add to you mystery and mystery. For many years, a solid and respected company Guerlain was engaged in the release of "serious" and "rich" spirits. To such refined and aristocratic aromas it was necessary to add a little windiness and mischief. Perfume "Little black dress" Gerlen is an aroma that you feel differently every time, revealing more and more of its facets.

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