Which gyroscope is better? Model Smart Balance 10 inches will not leave anyone indifferent


The newest technologies are an integral part of the life of modern people. Today, incredibly popular gadgets that help people to be the most mobile.

Gyroskuter is one of such developments. This transport of the future allows you to travel long distances during walks around the city, stand out during the festive event, attract customers at the presentation, move around the large factory, shop, etc.

Smart Balance 10 inch

With the passage of time, gyroscope will be more and more improved. Increases their patency, speed, options are added. One such successful development - Smart Balance 10 inch. They can rightly be called off-road vehicles.


Smart Balance 10 inch differ large pneumatic wheels. They are pumped with a compressor or a conventional pump. Soft riding and high crossability of such models are provided due to the large diameter of the wheels and the presence of air in them. Georosculator has a high ground clearance, which is also positiveaffects its driving abilities. The only minus of such a mini-cigey can be called its size. They are larger than the predecessors, but still allow you to keep mobility by carrying a gadget in a special bag.

Gyroskouter moves due to tubelessmotor-wheels. The vehicle is equipped with a Samsung battery, which has a capacity of 4400 mAH. On such a mini-segway, you can overcome a maximum of 20 kilometers without recharging. It differs favorably from other gyroscapes in that it has an increased battery life and improved performance.

The device has a body made of a wear-resistant polymer material. Its width is 645 mm, and the length is 280 mm. Gyroscope can be operated at a temperature of -10 to +40, with the recommended value being + 10 ... + 30 degrees. The gadget is sold complete with instructions and an original battery.

The battery is charged quite quickly - fortwo to three hours, there is a special indicator light. The power of the device is 700 watts. The maximum weight that a mini-cigey can withstand is 120 kilograms.

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The best choice

One of the most desired gifts for an activemodern man - gyroskouter. Buy this gadget at an attractive price easily in the digital boutique futuland.ru. Do not waste time on shopping trips, spend it with benefit on mini-segway in the company of friends!

Riding a gyroscope will not require special skills. It is enough to stand firmly on the rubberized platform, slightly bending your legs. For training, as a rule, takes a minimum of time - five to ten minutes. To lose balance in mini-segway is almost impossible, for it the hygrometer answers, but it is recommended to beginners to ride only in protective equipment (it consists of a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads). Gyroskuter will become an indispensable thing in the arsenal of a person who does not represent his life without movement.

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