Ortek shoes: features and characteristics


Parents know how difficult it is to findbaby shoes. "Ortek" is a trademark that is gaining popularity. And this is completely justified. Products have excellent quality, you can buy it at a very affordable price.

Where they sew "Ortek"

This question is of interest to the fans of Orteka. Orthopedic footwear is produced by the American company GEV Associates LTD. She began her activity with the manufacture of insoles.

Ortech Shoes

To date, the company is one of theleading manufacturers of orthopedic footwear for children and adults. You can buy models for the prevention of abnormalities in the formation of the foot. In addition, the company sews products that are necessary in the treatment of the consequences of injuries and serious pathologies.

Characteristics of orthopedic shoes

Ortek shoes have the following qualities:

  • Due to the design features and height, the product firmly fixes the child's foot.
  • As fasteners serve Velcro through the ring or lacing.
  • The inner shank of the heel has an elongated shape.
  • The thermoplastic material, from which the shoes are produced, makes it possible to adjust it taking into account the characteristics of the child's foot.

In what cases is orthopedic footwear necessary?

Often pediatricians and orthopedists recommend parentsto acquire precisely orthopedic models for the child, who begins to take the first steps. And if correction is required, then without such shoes simply can not do.

Orteka Children's Shoes

  • Flat feet. This is one of the most common orthopedic problems in children of any age. Shoes "Ortek" will be an excellent prevention of this disease.
  • Clubfoot. Special shoes can correct this violation.
  • Excess weight. In this case, orthopedic products help reduce the load on the foot and ankle joint.
  • Problems with posture and gait. Properly selected footwear is the key to healthy formation of the bone system.
  • With cerebral palsy and Down's syndrome.
  • Consequences of injuries.

Types of orthopedic footwear

Ortho orthopedic footwear

Conditionally, there are two types.

  1. Prophylactic.To this form can be attributed models from "Orteka". Orthopedic shoes for children should prevent the risk of developing any abnormalities in the formation of the foot. Such models differ by a small heel and the presence of a supinator. The toe piece should be made of stretch fabric to avoid calluses and rubbing.
  2. Therapeutic.Such shoes should be well fixed, but do not squeeze the leg. The sock should be of sufficient width to not deform the fingers. In addition, the company produces orthopedic shoes only from genuine leather. With some pathologies, tailoring to order is required.

In occasion of preventive footwear opinion of orthopedistsdiverge. Some believe that it can be worn only in the event of any irregularities in the formation of the foot. Others argue that such models are the best option for everyday wear, since ordinary shoes can lead to flat feet.

Orthopedic orthopedic footwear: advantages

Orthopedic orthopedic footwear for children

  • It is made of natural materials of excellent quality.
  • Features of the design allows you to reliably fix the ankle joint.
  • All models use fasteners or lacing, which allow you to adjust the comfort of shoes.
  • Footwear "Ortek" is made for younger, average children's age and for teenagers.
  • Products are produced for any season. You can choose charming sandals or warm winter boots.
  • A large assortment allows you to choose a model even for the most capricious buyer.
  • Design design, all kinds of prints make shoes attractive. But it is important to instill in your child a sense of style.

There is an interesting opinion about the products of "Orteka".The children's shoes are perfectly adapted for the climate of Russia and the CIS countries. In addition, it meets all world standards and the requirements of therapists and orthopedists.

Choose children's shoes in size, not worth itto acquire models for growth, this can provoke deviations from the normal formation of the foot and lead to problems with posture and gait. A child will wear a beautiful and comfortable product with great pleasure.

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