Antarctica - children's shoes, in which your baby's legs are never frozen


Antarctica - children's shoes from Italy.This brand specializes mainly in the production of winter and demi-season warmed shoes, which allows you to keep warm and dry children's feet, regardless of the weather. The assortment of the manufacturer is mainly represented by products for children of a maximum junior school age. Since the shoes are pretty good quality, you can use it even with a long stay of the baby in the cold.

Many modern parents prefer the Italian brand Antarctica, whose children's shoes are checked by time.

Product Benefits

The products of this company have a number of advantages over domestic brands. It:

  • excellent quality;
  • a large assortment;
  • high wear resistance;
  • use of quality raw materials;
  • application of orthopedic workings out;
  • the account of fashionable tendencies;
  • original design.

Since the convenience and quality of footwear dependshealth and gait of the child, her selection should be treated very responsibly. Before you select several suitable options from the new collection Antarctica (children's shoes), reviews are recommended to search online, as this brand has online stores in all countries of the world.

Antarctica children's shoes

The advantage of this brand is that, besidesbranded stores, there are also online offices that allow you to purchase quality children's shoes for residents of even the most remote and small settlements. On the site you can view the models at any time, specify the presence of sizes, colors and models.


Everyone knows that the human foot is growingalmost to its majority, so quality footwear significantly affects the health of the child. In the Italian brand Antarctica, children's shoes are made, given the anatomy, age characteristics and gender of the child. This brand offers a wide selection of shoes for every taste and purpose. It:

  • boots;
  • half-boots;
  • shoes;
  • uggs;
  • sneakers;
  • sneakers.

Antarctica shoes children's reviews

Antarctica - children's shoes that allowschoose the perfect option, suitable for any style of clothing and destination. This brand produces models for everyday wear, and for special occasions.

Shoe sizes

Despite the fact that many firms use their ownnon-standard grids of measurement of sizes, this firm differs in that Antarctica - children's footwear, the dimensional grid of which is built on the familiar to all indicators. To properly choose the size of shoes, it is enough to measure the length of the foot. Since the child's leg grows fairly quickly, the company creates shoes with a small gap in size so that their products are used as long as possible. For example, if the length of the foot from the heel to the tip of the thumb is up to 17.5 cm, the size of the shoe should be 25-26. Every 1.5 cm of foot length increases the size of shoes by one unit.

Antarctica children's shoes

Warm shoes are an integral partwardrobe of each child, so parents try to find the most high-quality and comfortable models that allow you to lead an active life, regardless of the weather conditions. Ideal option in this case is the footwear of the Italian company Antarctica, which for many years has pleased consumers with its high-quality and aesthetic products.

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