How to measure ring size at home


Reasons for buying rings may be different, but before that many people have a question about how to measure the size of the ring. There are several ways that will be considered below.

how to measure ring size
In order not to torment yourself with the question of how to measuresize of the ring, just go to the nearest jewelry shop and ask to determine your size. If you want to learn how to do it yourself, remember one rule that says that the diameter of the finger is the size of the ring. Therefore, when buying jewelry on the Internet, where you can not measure the product, just take the ring already available and measure its diameter. If the diameter of the ring is 20 mm, then its size will be 20.

Another way to measure ring size is toComplex, but much more accurate, is the use of ordinary thread. From geometry lessons, we know that to determine the diameter of a circle, its length must be divided by the number pi. To determine the circumference of the finger, do 10 turns of thread around it. Then we measure the length of the thread and divide it by 3.14 (the number of pi), then by another 10.

measure ring size
When buying jewelry abroad,attention to the differences between scales in different countries. Ring sizes in Europe correspond to the length of the inner circumference of the ring. To determine the usual size in Russia, you need to multiply the American ring size by 0.83 and add to the resulting value of 11.50. The Japanese size should be divided by 3 and added 12.67.

To correctly measure ring size, consider the following conditions:

1. The measurement will be made with a greater error if the ring size is measured in extreme heat or cold. In hot weather, the size will be much larger than the real, especially if the person is prone to swelling. Measurements at very low temperatures will lead to the fact that the ring at a comfortable temperature you just do not fit.

2. When you are very excited, and also after intensive sports, you should not make a measurement, because the liquid accumulated in the body will create an extra error.

3. More accurate data can be obtained by measuring the ring size in the afternoon.

4. Take into account what kind of ring you are going to buy. If its width is more than 8 mm, then the ring size is increased by at least a quarter.

ring sizes
5. Buying a ring a little more than your size, you will provide a small stock, so that in hot weather it does not put pressure on you. At the same time, the stock should not be too large to not lose a jewel in the cold.

6. On the right and left hand, finger sizes may vary. Therefore, measure the fingers of the hand on which you are going to wear the rings.

Here are simple ways how to measure ring size at home.

Knowing the size of the ring is important if you decide to do it.surprise girlfriend. It is quite imperceptible to take her ring and apply the above method. You will only have to accept her gratitude and surprise at how you accurately guessed with her size.

Choosing a ring size is a very important matter, as precious jewelry is quite expensive, and returning them to the store is not always possible.

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