What gift to give to the boy's christening


The sacrament of Baptism is a special day. This is a memorable date in the life of the child, as well as a significant event for all relatives: parents, relatives, godmothers. The Day of Baptism is not a holiday with noisy festivities, songs and dances, but something else, but more solemn and important.

It is accepted to give gifts to christenings. And every participant of the celebration - the guest must adhere to strict rules in selecting his presentation for the originator of the celebration. Especially reverent should treat the gifts of the godparents. After all, from the moment of Baptism they have new responsibilities, which they swore before God in the church.

On the one hand, what can be difficult inselection of a gift for a child. Toys, suits, seasonal clothes, accessories for children - the list of potential presents can be continued indefinitely. However, not all of them are suitable as gifts for christenings.

They say that it is especially difficult to choose a worthypresent for the boy. We will not argue, and give arguments that prove the incorrectness of this judgment. Let's just consider in detail what to give to a christening a boy can.

First of all, it should be noted that giftsThe godparents are strictly stipulated by the rules of the church. The godmother on the day of baptism necessarily gives the godson a roof. It is the fabric into which the child is wrapped after the ritual, symbolizing purity and sinlessness. This can be a diaper, embroidered with symbolic ornament, a large towel - terry or cotton (usually with a church story), a blanket or a children's sheet with drawings, amulets.

Kryozhma is a gift endowed with supernatural powerand unusual qualities. For example, it is believed that kryzhma has medicinal properties. If you hide a sick child by it, then the disease will recede. Also, this tissue will help to calm a nervous or frightened baby who does not sleep well at night. Kryzhma is considered a reliable protection against the evil eye and bad words spoken to its owner.

In addition to the kryzhma, the godmother should presentchristening boy's suit "on occasion" - clothes in which a godson appears before God. To pick up clothes for a child for christenings follows the weather and the season.

The godfather is also a great responsibilityfalls on the day of Baptism. If, as a gift of the cross, they dress the child before the ceremony, the godfather gives his gift to the christening to the boy at the moment of the sacrament. His present is one of the most important. It is he who must buy a cross intended for the sacrament. It can be both pewter, and silver, and gold.

If the nat cross to the boy's christeningbought in advance in some boutique, it is absolutely necessary that the priest consecrate it before putting it on the child's neck. Not every cross is suitable for the sacrament. Therefore, it is better to buy this gift to the godparent in the church just before the ceremony or on the eve of it.

Naturally, relatives and relatives will come to the boy's christening. To come to the child empty-handed, especially in such a solemn day, when he became a baptized person, it is inadmissible to anyone.

What can relatives give for such an occasion?

There are no reservations, no clear rulesin the selection of the presentation there. Typically, the boy's baptisms are given to relatives by icons, candies, other church things, charms, bibles. In addition to the presentation of church subjects, you can present the boy with a chain to the cross, silver spoons, bath towels or cosmetics for baby hygiene.

On the other hand, it does not matter which gift is selected for the christening of a boy or a girl. The main thing is that it should be presented with bright thoughts and kind wishes.

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