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The history of the American sports brand Nikebegan in 1964. The company was founded by runner Phil Knight and his trainer Bill Bowerman. Since then, a considerable amount of time has passed. Every year the company improves its products, creates unique models that win the love of both ordinary people and the most famous and successful athletes.

One of the brightest and most memorable products was the Air Max sneakers.

Sneakers air max.
Having appeared on the shelves of shops, they produceda real sensation among sports fans. It is noteworthy that until now the Air Max model has not lost its positions. This is due to the incredibly high quality, original appearance, as well as the incomparable comfort that is provided to the owner of these sneakers.

Among the fans of this product a lot likemen, and women. Women's sneakers Nike Air Max deserve special attention. The variety of models for the beautiful half of the population is amazing.

Features and Benefits of Nike Air Max

Sneakers nike air max for women.
Why did this model become so popular? What are the features of these sneakers? Firstly, the soft sole and excellent shock absorber made the process of playing sports very comfortable and less traumatic, as the load on the foot dropped significantly. Secondly, the Air Max sneakers are of impeccable quality, because the seams on them are perfectly stitched and glued together. This ensures their durability and wear resistance. Thirdly, for the production of sports shoes, Nike uses only advanced technology equipment and materials of the highest quality, such as natural suede, last generation artificial connections and leather.

Another important feature is the sneakersAir Max. On the edges of the sole are special pads that are filled with air. What does it give? Additional stability during sharp movements, which increases the comfort in training.

Women's sneakers Nike air max.
It is necessary to note the design contribution to sneakersNike Air Max. Female models are distinguished by a special elegance and elegance. Bright colors, original leather inserts, a shape that perfectly fits your foot - all these qualities have captivated the hearts of beginners and experienced athletes and just those who care about their health.

The beauty of this sports shoes lies in theThat it is suitable for absolutely any kind of training. It will be convenient to run on both a flat surface and cross country. Fitness, aerobics, fitness, volleyball, tennis - for these shoes is nothing impossible. Whatever kind of sport you want to do, Air Max sneakers will become your reliable companions, providing safety and comfort during training.

Women who aspire to excellence wantlook stylish even during sports, just have to buy yourself such sneakers. They will emphasize the individuality of their mistress, the excellent taste and the feeling of beauty. Having bought such sneakers, you can wear them not only in the gym, but also just for a walk to the park or around the city.

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