Hidden symbolism of the tattoo "wings"


Tattoos were never just drawings. And certainly not the thirst to stand out among the tribesmen led by one of the first masters of natural painting. Behind each line there was a sign that could multiply strength, endurance and provide protection from all misfortunes, from the attack of enemies and ending with the banal evil eye. Glancing at the intricate pattern, the understanding man already knew what sort of tribe he had met on a narrow path, how old he was, and, in fact, what to expect of him. Then it was decided on the situation - either the acquaintance continued quite peacefully, or the path became too narrow.

Current lovers decorate their body with drawingsalso meticulously refer to the tattoo. Wings, dragons, Celtic pattern, gothic ligature - this is our unconscious, a way to express the inner "I" hidden under the layers of civilization. The image shows the message to the world: look at everything I really am!

tattoo wings
And if we are talking about the tattoo "wings", thenlet's figure out where the "legs" of this very common symbol still grow. The first thing that comes to mind is the analogy with the angels. Beautiful heavenly creatures personify innocence, wisdom, purity and greatness. They are heavenly warriors possessing power and authority, but they are our spiritual guardians, protecting and invisibly following us. And why not designate their presence more visibly, stuffing a tattoo on their shoulder, whose wings are like a seal of angelic protection.

value of tattoo wings
But not all comes down to just one explanation. The second treatment is connected with birds, more precisely, with their gift to break away from the earth. Freedom from the framework, independence in judgments and deeds. It's not for nothing that widely spread wings in combination with a flaming heart are a common symbol among rockers - life as a flight, there is no place for borders and philistine boredom.

The value of the tattoo "butterfly wings" is much more complicated. Fragile gentle creatures wonderfully accurately convey the fleeting beauty of human life. Still, perhaps, it is worth remembering that in some civilizations butterflies personified the soul, which is much stronger than the mortal body. It's not for nothing that a weak moth can swing a tsunami with a wave of its wing.

tattoo wings sketches
But, perhaps, it is necessary to distract from high matters andThink about the practical side of the tattoo. Wings, as a rule, are stuffed on the shoulder blades. Of course, no one created strict canons - you can apply a drawing on your stomach, on your ankles, and on your wrists. But this image will look more harmonious on the back. This part of the body is almost an ideal canvas for creating a three-dimensional drawing. In addition, the skin on the shoulder blades is rather coarse, underneath there are no closely located vessels, so the pain will not be so acute. Again, this part of the body is not so subject to age-related changes, therefore, and the pattern does not deform too much over time.

Deciding on the tattoo "wings", sketches of whichshock the imagination, ask the master beforehand how many sessions it will take to complete the work. It is clear that a large and detailed drawing will require more than one hour of painstaking work. And do not be upset if your "wings" will show up gradually, step by step. Patience will be rewarded in full, when you finally can see them in all its glory.

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