Red moccasins: bring in the image brightness


Perhaps it is difficult to find more comfortable shoes thanmoccasins. Soft, light and practical to wear - they are best suited for those who move a lot. Today such shoes are available in a variety of colors, but the most relevant are black and brown models. Classics, what can I say! But red moccasins for some reason are not so relevant. Although deserve more attention to themselves, as they represent a bright element, the "highlight" of the image.

Red moccasins
Red is bold, defiant, but, at the same timetime, so attractive. That's why, if you do not have enough brightness, if you want to experiment a little, then be sure to buy yourself red moccasins. Do not be afraid that they will not go to you, and even more so the condemnation of others. On sale you can find a wide variety of options. Moccasins of this color can be sewn from leather, suede, artificial materials. Some models are lacquered, glossy, shiny. And, of course, they are male and female.

Moccasins for women of red color is an elementimage, which will add to it the brightness, regardless of what kind of clothing will be chosen. They are best suited for everyday wear, as they perfectly match with any jeans, narrow trousers and even well-chosen shorts. In this case, we are talking about semi-sport models, devoid of rigor. But to go to work, classic red moccasins are suitable, for which you can wear a flared skirt, a straight cut dress or banana trousers. In other, trousers can be of any other style. It is not necessary that the red be saturated. Its more muted shades are suitable for those who are still afraid of experiments. We are talking about scarlet, coral, cherry, burgundy shades.

Red Haqui Moccasins

Red moccasins-khachi, no doubt, can be wornand men. Representatives of the strong half of humanity try to avoid this color, but not all. Among them, many who follow their appearance, tries to choose not only fashionable outfits, but also shoes. In general, if a man wears moccasins of this color, he immediately stands out against the background of the rest. But here you should know that the classic red moccasins are the destiny of women, since on the male leg they will look ridiculous in many cases. Look closely at sports and polusportivnyh models. Do not be afraid to include them in your wardrobe, as you can wear with any jeans, and, first of all, with narrow ones. But what is worn "from above", and does not really matter - a shirt, sweater, T-shirt or even a jacket. Red men's moccasins should not be worn except with classic trousers (more youthful options are appropriate), and also a very bright "bottom." Since the shoes in question are so noticeable, the jeans should be more muted. By the way, red is perfectly combined with green. Pay attention to this!

Red moccasins for men

Red moccasins are shoes in which you canwalk around the city, go to a meeting with friends, a party and even a job. With them you will never be bored, but the degree of self-confidence will immediately increase, since you already went on such an experiment, buying shoes of this color.

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