Men's leather bracelet is a fashion accessory!


Men's leather bracelet is a fashion accessory! Fans of exquisite jewelry, fashion accessories can not pass by such an attribute as a bracelet. And no matter who wears it, man or woman, this thing always attracts attention. Particularly attractive is the men's leather bracelet.

men's leather bracelet
History of appearance

In ancient times, leather bracelets are widelyThey were used as amulets - a kind of protection against all evil. Most often they were made from goatskin, since it has the property of gently resting on the wrist. This gave the person confidence that the gods hold his hand and nothing will happen to him.

Gradually, this accessory has become an indispensable decoration for many women and men. It does not matter age, wealth or estate: leather bracelets have become an organic addition to clothing.

men's leather bracelet
Bracelet as style

Especially attractive looks leather braceletmale on the wrist of the strong half. Many people prefer to wear it as a refined touch in addition to their image and image. Such a small detail-decoration is able to highlight and emphasize all the advantages of its owner. The strength of the muscles, the strength of the hand and self-confidence - this is the first thing that catches your eye when a stylish men's leather bracelet is on your hand.

A wide range of products, presented in stores,allows you to choose your favorite model. Any of them will make you original and stylish. You can buy a bracelet for men's leather single, double, thin or wide, with lacing or on a rivet, with various metal inserts or stones. This is not a complete list of varieties of bracelets.

men's leather bracelet

How to make a bracelet

Unusual popularity of the braceletmen's leather made handmade. Manufactured at home, it is distinguished for its uniqueness and uniqueness, you will not see a similar one anywhere. Such a bracelet can be presented as a gift to a loved one, brother or friend.

Make it simple enough. To make the most simple bracelet you will need a piece of leather (you can use an old belt), a strong rope (lace) up to 15 cm, a ruler, a thin sharp knife-blade. Cut the skin in the size of 27 cm by 1.5 cm. Divide into three strips of 0.5 cm, but do not cut to

leather bracelet for men

end (1.5 - 2 cm) from one edge. Weave a simple pigtail, and fix its edges with a rope. On the other end of the bracelet, cut a hole (0.5 cm) so that you can thread the end of the decorative lace into it. On the rope make two knots: one in the middle, the second at the end - this will allow you to adjust the size. All right, the bracelet is ready!

You can experiment and make a braceletmen's leather with different decorations, which only you can think of by fantasizing. So on the strip of leather you can attach rivets, stones, beads, beautiful buttons, make holes in the form of a picture or weave a decorative rope.

Be sure, your handshake, gestures, movements will not go unnoticed, and the style of your accessory will make a proper impression.

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