Children's shoes "Miniman". Sandals for boys and girls


Every caring mother tries to choosebaby the best things. The company "Miniman" takes into account the wishes and requirements of young parents and creates children's shoes of the highest quality. What are the advantages of the products of this brand, read in this article.

Children's shoes "Miniman"

Turkish manufacturer Miniman specializes inon children's shoes for children of preschool and school age. All models are designed with the help of orthopedists, so that the kids are comfortable and the legs are properly developed. To create each pair the manufacturer uses the best materials: soft natural leather, non-toxic rubber, harmless substances. When developing new models, every detail is carefully thought out. Shoes "Miniman" corresponds to all indicators of quality and requirements of doctors.

Minimen products are diverse. The manufacturer produces a wide range of models for toddlers who only learn to walk. Shoes for small children have a supporting back, which fixes the foot and promotes proper walking. A raised sock helps the crumb to overcome any obstacles. For older girls and boys, designers create stylish shoes with an interesting and colorful design.

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Advantages of Miniman products

  1. All shoes are made of quality soft leather. The fasteners are adjusted to prevent pressure and do not rub the feet.
  2. All Miniman shoes are made of durable and wear-resistant materials. The products of this brand have served more than one year.
  3. The details are sewn by hand. Shoes can withstand any action of the active child.
  4. The soles are made of strong non-slip rubber. In the shoes "Miniman" children's feet are reliably protected from injuries.
  5. High flexibility. In boots, sandals it is convenient to jump and run.
  6. To create shoes, the manufacturer uses natural materials to prevent the legs from swelling.
  7. Affordable price. Products "Miniman" - inexpensive children's shoes.
  8. Full compliance with orthopedic requirements. The manufacturer takes into account the physiological characteristics of the children's legs. In each model there is a backrest and a supinator. And for children suffering from flat feet, Miniman produces an orthopedic collection of children's shoes.

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Summer shoes "Miniman": sandals and sandals

Children's sandals from "Miniman" representpreventive orthopedic footwear. It promotes the proper development of the foot and serves to prevent orthopedic diseases. Correction of minor pathologies of the lower limbs is another destination for Miniman shoes. Sandals of this brand have a hard back and instep, which, when walking, support the foot and press on the desired points. In some models, Thomas's heel is provided, but you can wear such shoes only on the advice of a doctor.

In addition to the orthopedic effect, "Minien" sandalsquite comfortable. In the manufacture of each pair, developers use shock absorption technology, a ventilation system, and moisture removal. Sandals withstand any stresses and do not overstrain the child's legs.

Every year, new collections are on salesummer shoes "Miniman". Sandals are developed by the best European designers. Each pair is made in the original style in accordance with the latest fashion trends. And for customers with conservative tastes, the manufacturer produces classic models.

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Sandals for boys

Sandals "Miniman" for the boy are presentedmodels with closed and open front. Inside and outside, they are made of delicate calfskin. All models are fixed on the leg with the help of adjusting fasteners or Velcro. The most common option - sandals on two Velcro. They allow you to quickly put on and take off your shoes, and also adjust the foot width. The edges of the sandals are treated with a soft cloth so as not to injure the tender baby's skin.

Sandals "Miniman" for the boy are full of different colors, such as: sand, beige, khaki, blue, sea waves, black, gray, white. Many models combine several colors.

A separate series of eco-sands. The top of such models is made of genuine leather, and the sole is made of natural cork. This combination creates a unique comfort and softness while walking.

In eco-vandals it is convenient as in a cool weather,so in the heat. And most importantly - the sole in this shoe is anatomical. It not only supports the feet, but also repeats its contours. As a result, proper walking is formed.

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Models for girls

Traditionally, the Turkish manufacturer producessandals "Miniman" for the girl. According to the characteristics of these models do not differ from shoes for boys. A quality instep, back and strong sole are present in each pair.

A feature of sandals for girls is the brightdesign. Each model has an interesting design. Butterflies, flowers, stones, rivets, colorful decorative inserts adorn summer shoes for little princesses. Popular colors are white and pink.

Sandals "Miniman" for girls are produced withopen and closed toe. For very young, some models of closed sandals have a rubberized sock. Thus, the shoes are protected from scratches during active walks with a small fidget.

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Cost of Miniman shoes

Sandals of this brand cost from 1700 to 3900 rublesfor a couple. The price for an eco-sandal with cork soles is about 2500 rubles. Some stores offer discounts of up to 30% on older models. If you watch the stocks and seasonal sales, you can buy a pair of "Miniman" is much cheaper.

These inexpensive children's shoes are sold in online stores and in ordinary outlets specializing in things for children.

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