Where is the red dress? With what to combine a red dress: the best ideas, recommendations and feedback


It's no secret that the redcolor is the color of love, passion and desire. He is very capable of emphasizing women's beauty. A real challenge, thrown to men, will be a red dress. With what to combine this element of the wardrobe? How to choose the perfect option to feel confident? Grace, audacity and courage - all that carries a red dress. With what to combine it, enjoying the admiring glances of others? Let's try to figure it out ..

red dress with what to combine

Red dress. With what to combine this outfit?

First of all, do not forget thatimproperly selected clothing can play a cruel joke with his mistress. Not only dignity, but also shortcomings can emphasize the red dress. With what to combine this outfit, not to look vulgar and vulgar?

First, you need to evaluate your figure andcolor type of appearance. Girls of the "summer" type, for example, are dresses of wine shade, winter type - scarlet, spring - soft tones of red, and autumn - rich brick.

Another important point. To choose a red dress is best for young ladies, confident in themselves. Such clothes attract attention. However, the woman should not be embarrassed. Only in this case it will look good.

The next step is choosing the style. A dress-pencil, for example, does not fit the owner of a small tummy. Fat hands hide best under a small veil or drapery. Not very pronounced waist is perfectly emphasized with the help of a small girdle, and a small chest excludes a deep décolleté. Reviews about the ladies who made the right choice, there are only positive.

with what color to combine a red dress

After that, you can start choosing shoes and accessories. This issue must be approached with particular seriousness.

The issue of length

It is important to take into account one more factor. The length plays an important role. For some events, for example, it is completely inappropriate to wear a too short red dress. With what to combine long styles, it is much easier to solve, and they look much richer, although attention is attracted no less. In addition, a long hem allows you to hide some of the shortcomings. Short models are suitable only for owners of even, long, slender legs.

red dress with what pantyhose to combine

But in this case the following question arises. You chose a red dress. With what pantyhose to combine this outfit? Only with beige or black! No pictures, nets and bright colors.

Where should I put it?

At evening events you, of course, candilute your image with some ornaments. Well, with what you can combine a red dress, if it allows the dress code at work? The main thing is to keep strictness. Excessive openness and frankness must be avoided. The dress itself should be of medium length. A fitted silhouette is a great option for working in the office. This is evidenced by the reviews not only of the owners of the clothes themselves, but also of employers and customers.

a fitted red dress photo with what to combine

How not to be mistaken?

Of course, you need to know more and with whatcolor to combine a red dress is possible, and with what - no. With green and yellow tones, in this case you need to be very careful. In shoes or jewelry, they should be avoided. Of jewelry, chrysolites, sapphires and amethysts should not be chosen.

Incompatible styles are also completely inappropriate. Naturally, to combine a red dress with ballet shoes or sandals on a flat sole means to show a complete lack of taste. Small conservative heels, by the way, are also not welcome.

with which you can combine a red dress


And the last finishing touch. What accessories do you have to pick, as soon as you decide what to combine with the red dress? Ideas and tips of stylists amaze with their diversity. However, several general rules still exist. Jewelry is chosen from the basic precious metals. As for the stones, rubies, diamonds and pearls will look perfect. It is desirable to stop on bulky large accessories. But it's important, of course, not to overdo it. These can be large earrings, necklaces or a few bracelets. You can supplement your image with a belt, purse or scarf. It all depends on the type of figure and style. But the color scheme must be strict.

Red dress and black shoes with a little blackhandbag - an undeniable classic. These colors are combined perfectly. Although recently a new round has appeared in the fashion world. The color of shoes and handbags may not match. For example, white or beige shoes and a black or red handbag look great.

Bright and bold

Do not forget about one more moment. The image, of course, depends on which model you have chosen - a long or short, open or strict, free or fitted red dress. Photos, with which to combine the model, can tell you well. Look through the fashion magazines, pay attention to the latest collections. Do not doubt that the properly selected outfit will make you feel like a real queen.

Buy a red dress with a bigcaution, and such clothes are not worn too often. However, taking the risk of making such a purchase, by correctly selecting various accessories, you will necessarily look stunning.

At modern parties quite often todaythere are scarlet, coral, cherry, claret dresses. The red color scheme in collections of spectacular dresses obliges a woman to open luxury, to demonstrate superiority and self-confidence. Flowing models, multi-layer skirts, chiffon flounces - there are plenty of options. And all of them excellently emphasize the femininity of their owners.

If the shape allows you to open morehabitual, you can make a profitable emphasis on the whiteness of your skin, or, on the contrary, on its dark tint. In this case, they will ideally look dresses with a strap on one shoulder, or with a naked back.

with what to combine red dress ideas and tips

By the way, for today there areeven wedding red dresses. They seem to symbolize prosperity, joy and happiness. In short, the main thing is to correctly combine all the elements of your outfit with each other.


But there is one more important detail. Red dress also requires the application of competent make-up. Needless to say, it should be simply impeccable. According to the stylists, a bright red color can be rather insidious with its mistress. Too light makeup, for example, will make your face almost colorless against the backdrop of a bright dress. A very catchy make-up, on the contrary, will attract all attention only to him.

Therefore, for the day option, you must choosebrown matte shadows. Smoky eye makeup will look perfect. In the evening, you can add black ink to the image. This will help make the look a little more expressive. Red lipstick looks great on the lips. Pink, brown and pearly shades are not recommended. For an office dress code, you can stay on a dim red lip gloss.

Thus, following these tips, yoube sure to attract the attention of others, let them admire you, conquer their hearts. After all, after all, the red dress is the top and passion, and courage, and elegance.

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