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Millions of inhabitants of our planet carefullywatched the events of July one thousand nine hundred and sixty-nine, when the first person stepped on the surface of the moon. In the equipment of American astronauts of a young entrepreneur from Italy, Jeancardo Zanatta was struck by an unusual form of shoes. Realizing the special popularity of everything connected with the cosmos, he literally caught on with the idea of ​​creating "moon boots". Thus, a new brand was born, registered as Moon Boot.

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Lunokhods - shoes, the appearance of which has become greatan event in the fashion market of the seventies of last century. These boots, with a unique design and comfort, had a variety of colors. The combination of all these qualities allowed this product to be easily located at the peak of the emerging trends that linked sport and fashion. Shoes-Lunokhods are warm, waterproof and light boots. They perfectly protect their feet from slush and snow, and also enjoy the taste of many of their admirers.

Lunokhods - shoes as stylish as possible, practicaland universal. It has an amazing ability to protect its owner from the harshest frosts. Moon Boot can safely be worn for a walk, if in the street the negative temperature reached a point of thirty-five degrees. And you can not be afraid that your feet will freeze. They will be warm and comfortable. Lunokhods are shoes (see photo below), which has a high thermal insulation ability. In the process of its production, innovative technologies are used and special materials, previously tested many times, are used.

Every year the popularity of these boots is increasinglyincreased. In this regard, manufacturers began to pay maximum attention to the appearance of the lunar rovers. If the first models had a rather modest design, then modern copies can take their place in the wardrobe of any mod.

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Lunokhods are shoes that are valued for itsa variety of decor and multifaceted color combinations, lacking in a number of similar products. Even capricious and changeable fashion, which offers annually new trends, can not find these boots a worthy alternative. This is primarily due to the convenience and reliability of the lunar rovers, which surpasses almost all the products of the shoe industry.

Lunokhods are shoes that designers decoratebright inserts from the fabric, prints, rhinestones, lacing, pieces of leather and fur. Due to the variety of models these boots became an element of youth style. Practicality and uniqueness of such footwear is connected with its sole. It is very stable, which allows the owners of boots to walk confidently even on the most slippery roads. The design of the rounded sock of the Lunokhods pursues the goal of creating maximum comfort to the feet, and the moisture-resistant fabric serves as a guarantee of confidence even in the most arid days.

The convenience of Moon Boot is possible due to the specialthe design of this shoe. Boots have two layers - external and internal. The first function is protection from the aggressive influence of the environment. The inner layer is designed to give the Lunokhods maximum comfort, since it can take the shape of the foot of its master.

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Design Moon Boot, which is diverse and bright,allows you to combine boots with any style of clothing. Lunokhods are great with sports things, down jackets, trousers and jeans. At the same time, it is appropriate to wear them during walks both in the city and in nature.

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