In the treasury of wisdom: how to determine gold at home


Often we are faced with situations where it is necessary to determine whether we are holding a precious metal item in our hands. But how to determine gold at home? About this and talk.

Let's start with the simplest - with a visual assessment. Determine gold at home in the first place will help the factory test. It can be located on the buckle, on the inside of the decoration or on the side. But her absence does not necessarily mean fraud.

how to determine gold at home

If you check the authenticity of the ring, then carefully inspect the inside. It should not have any differences from the outside.

You did all this, but doubts do not leave you? Then arm yourself with improvised means.

The most accessible method is to bring the verifiabledecoration to the magnet. Gold will not be attracted to him. However, as always, there is one "but". Some counterfeits include non-precious metals, such as, for example, aluminum or copper. On them, too, the magnet will not have any effect.

Then the usual vinegar will help you. Dip off the product for a couple of minutes in a glass with it. If the color has changed, you have a fake.

The same can be done with iodine. Just one drop is enough. If this product becomes dark, then the gold is not real.

Unfired ceramic figurine can also come in handy. Rub on her adornment. If there is a golden footprint, then you are holding real gold in your hands.

determine gold at home
Now let's talk about how to determinegold at home without the use of any kind of adaptations. Some "experts" say that when gold falls, it produces a characteristic crystal ringing. But how to distinguish this sound from the others? To consider this the truth in the last instance is not worth it, because these are rather subjective observations.

There is another controversial way, which in the people is called "The Method of Archimedes". Usually it is used for checking a large volume of jewelry.

Gold refers to heavy metals, hence, it should sink quickly. But at what speed the decorations should go to the bottom is unknown, therefore, the authenticity of the method can be considered relative.

If you ask the senior representativesgeneration, how to determine gold at home, they will respond briefly: "To the tooth try it!". On real gold there should be a small dent. The main thing is not to overdo it - teeth are still more expensive!

how to determine gold or not

Many, probably, have heard something about the ways withsunlight. But how to determine whether you hold gold or not with the help of a light? It's simple: the real thing will be the same color in the light and shadow, and the fake will be darker in the shade.

Another point that I would like tostop - this is how to determine gold at home using a bread crumb. Immediately say that this process is not fast. In a fresh crumb of black bread we roll up the jewelry for a couple of days, and as soon as it stiffens, we take out the product. Oxidation and greenery indicate that you have slipped a counterfeit.

Here, in fact, and all the ways by which you can distinguish a real precious metal from a fake. But if the quality of the decoration is a matter of principle, then it is worth turning to a specialist.

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