Female tattoos on the back - the choice of determined girls


Allow the fan of his case - tattoo master -work on his back, and he will be in an indescribable ecstasy! After all, this area - a chic field of activity: a lot of space, there is no special relief, and especially painful places (not counting the spine). Undoubtedly, this is one of the reasons why so often there are female tattoos on the back.

tattoos for women on the back

Text Tattoos

What can the girl show by exposingback? First of all, these are inscriptions: winged expressions, aphorisms, quotations and even names. Typically, the text on the back is placed in the upper part, between the blades. Variants of how to beat this or that phrase, there is a great variety, starting with a simple inscription in a certain font (girls often choose rounded and elegant, spider-like fonts) and ending with an old-school heart with ribbons and words. Very effective women's tattoos on the back are voluminous texts. If you find a good master, you will get a chic result. It is important only to clearly imagine what exactly you want to see in the end.

Drawings and patterns

tattoos on the back of the women
Also very popular among womenThe beautiful drawing is the wings. Obviously, when it comes to female tattoos on the back, their relevance is off scale. Here it is not necessary to be particularly sophisticated, in order to clarify their meaning. Angelic wings on the female back are too eloquent. Technique can be different. The same can be said about the size and style of the tattoo. It can be symbolic small wings, located symmetrically on the shoulder blades, and maybe a whole work of art in the whole back, drawn to the smallest detail. By the way, wings can be supported by a suitable inscription, placing it somewhere in the middle. In addition to them, tattoos on the back of women are very, very different. Thus, schematic cats are very popular among girls. Recently, the mainstream owls in the style of new-cheekbones, made in bright colors. However, old-school hearts, roses and thorns are still as popular as before.

Tattoo in a wide format

Few girls decide to stuff tattoos all over their backs,

tattoos on the back of women's photos
however, such are also encountered. It can be just a picture, including a lot of details, each of which means something specifically for the owner of the picture. However, look at the tattoos on the back of the women - photos or pictures - and you'll notice that one thing is often packed, but the big one (an exception is an abstract tattoo in the trash style). Just remember the film and the eponymous book about the girl-hacker with a distinctive pattern - a luxurious dragon. It is such a tattoo - a Chinese dragon - is often packed with determined and incomplete representatives of the fair sex: black and white and colored, performed in this or that style. In general, to come up with an original sketch, if you're planning to score your back, it's easy: think what's important to you is that you like, look at photos of popular tattoos and proceed. Tattoos women's back are so good that they easily "hide" under their clothes. If you do not want anyone to know about the availability of your drawing, you can easily turn this business.

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