Clarks shoes for each member of the family


Clarks - shoes that received a widerecognition in many countries. The company has stores all over the world. Products are bought by those for whom comfort is important, beautiful design and quality. A wide range of buyers choose shoes of this company. Products are models for all family members.

Clarks Shoes - world famous brand

In 2010, this company took 33rd placeamong the biggest in the UK. It was created by the brothers Cyrus and James Clark in 1825. They began simply with the production of skins. Their business was very successful, so the production of shoes was soon established. By 1840, the factory produced about twelve thousand pairs of shoes annually.

It was here that theknown worldwide model Playdeck, Wallabee, Desert Boot. They are so popular that even in time they had to release their exact copies in order to satisfy the demand of buyers.

To date, Clarks shoes can be purchased in 50 countries around the world. Sales volumes have so increased that make forty million pairs annually.

footwear clarks

Special features of the company's shoes

Most of all consumers are attracted by the simplicity and convenience of products. Models, rather, are minimalistic, however they attract attention to themselves by their elegance and elegance.

Comfort is the visiting card of the company. Anyone who makes a choice in favor of its products, can be sure that in the process of wearing shoes will not cause any inconvenience.

The firm produces products from natural fabrics,using traditional methods of material processing. Consumers appreciate this concept because all the consequences of using synthetics have not been studied so far. Even the threads that are used for the production of shoes, only from natural fibers.

Another feature of the manufacturer isthe ability to produce goods that meet the fashion trends of the time. Designers create new models every season. They are constantly improving, which allows them to dictate what will be at the peak of popularity.

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Clarks: children's shoes

In the product range of the manufacturer, an important role is played by shoes for toddlers. It is represented by:

  • booties;
  • hussars;
  • models for the first steps.

With the help of kicks, you can begin to accustom your baby toshoes. Hussars have a denser sole. Due to the fact that children at an early age are still crawling a lot, a special protection in the area of ​​the sock has been thought through in the hussars.

Children's leg in different periods of life is growingin different ways, so Clarks shoes provide a special space that allows the foot to grow. One size will differ from the other by approximately 5 mm.

clarks children's shoes

When creating models for children, the company uses the latest technology:

  • Gore-Tex.
  • Air system.

They allow the baby's skin to breathe.

Features of children's shoes

Many parents choose Clarks. Shoes for children have a number of differences from the products of other companies, so it is in great demand.

The main differences are:

  • quality and comfort of models;
  • recognizable and interesting design;
  • special details, so-called chips in the form of flashlights, toys in heels;
  • 3 options for completeness of shoes, which allow you to choose a large, medium or small;
  • the sizes of footwear with половинками that allows to choose that model which ideally approaches.


The price category, which is Clarks shoes, can not be called low. The cost of shoes is determined by high quality, modern design and brand fame.

On average, the men's shoes of this company cost 6000-8000 rubles.

women's shoes clarks

Clarks women's shoes are represented by shoes, sandals, sandals and boots. The average price for a pair of shoes is about 3000-5000 rubles.

The price of children's leather sneakers varies from 6000 to 9000 rubles. Children's boots on average will cost 14 000-17 000 rubles.


According to buyers, the only drawback of the company's products is a high price.

Positive feedback tells us thatClarks shoes allow the skin of the feet to breathe. It affects buyers a high level of durability. According to them, even after a long period of wear, the shoes do not lose their original shape.

Specialists appreciate thiswonderful commodity. Particular attention is paid to models for people who have problems with feet. They are distinguished by an increased level of comfort, which allows the consumer to feel great in such shoes.

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