How to choose a dress for the wedding of a friend?


In America, the issue of choosing outfits for girlfriendsThe bride usually decides very simply: they are all the same, and are usually chosen by the bride herself. In Russia, this custom is not, so dress for the wedding girlfriend will have to look for yourself.

dress for a wedding girlfriend
The bride's maid, of course, is easier to choose an outfit than the youngest. But guests at the wedding will have to consider several important details before buying a dress.

The queen at the wedding is the bride

A wedding is not a party where every girlwants to outshine his girlfriends with beauty. The most beautiful and elegant in any case on this holiday should remain the culprit of the celebration. Therefore, the girlfriends will have to step on their throats with their own vanity and put on dresses that do not attract excessive attention. On the other hand, too boring and uncompleted outfit can be regarded as disrespect for the young. When choosing a dress for the wedding of a friend, try to keep a balance between his solemnity and modesty.

Models with lush skirts are not welcome, because inIn most cases, this is an attribute of the wedding dress of the bride. Also put aside the outfits, which are abundantly present in rhinestones, beads, sequins and other shine.

We choose together with the bride

If you are invited to a wedding as athe witness, it is not superfluous to ask the girlfriend who is getting married, how she sees your outfit. Perhaps you will want to go shopping together and evaluate the range offered.

green dress for a girlfriend's wedding

Also note that today it is incredibly popular to arrange weddings in a certain style. If you are invited to a themed celebration, then your dress should fit in style.

pink dress for a girlfriend's wedding

Often, young people ask the guests to stick to a certain color in their clothes, which will be decisive at the wedding. Be sure to ask your friend about the peculiarities of her holiday.

Length matters

Dress for a girlfriend's wedding is desirable to choosemiddle length. The skirt in the floor attracts unnecessary attention, and is very inconvenient for movement. And if the newlyweds are going to entertain guests with fast dances and competitions, then in a long dress you risk sitting out all evening at the table.

dress of medium length for the wedding

Do not go to extremes and choosean extremely short dress for the wedding. If in your life the fine prince has not yet appeared, and you do not lose the hope of finding him at another's wedding, it is still not an occasion to expose some parts of the body. It is also not permissible to expose the breast by means of a deep decollete.

short wedding dress

Your dress should be elegant and stylish,which implies some kind of closeness. However, you can pay attention to the trend of the last season - dresses with transparent inserts. Such models will help to look sexy and reserved at the same time.

Color solution

The main taboo is white color.Of course, if the bride decided to wear an original dress, for example, in red, then a white outfit is allowed a friend. Otherwise, it is better not to dress in a similar dress.

The colors of "ayvor" and "champagne" that are not desirableAlso considered to be traditional wedding. In addition, please note that the dress of such shades next to the snow-white satin of the wedding dress of the bride will look old and yellow.

dresses for a girlfriend's wedding

The most popular colors for a guest dress areThe wedding is golden, silver, turquoise, pink, lilac, yellow, green, peach. Usually chosen pastel colors or soft and soft shades.

black dress for the wedding

Separately want to talk about the black dress onwedding. Black is a classic color for evening dress, but not in the case of a wedding celebration. The other guests, and even the newlyweds themselves, can assume that the wedding causes you negative feelings, since you dressed in mourning color. If you absolutely want to wear a black dress for the wedding of your girlfriend, then choose bright accessories and a different color.

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