How to choose a blue men's suit


Any clothes should be not only fashionable, but alsostylish! Therefore, it is always worthwhile to carefully think through your image, making it unique and unrepeatable. The choice should be made in such a way that the thing ideally suited not only for your figure, but also corresponded to your life style, your interests and habits.

blue men's suit
So how to choose a men's suit correctly, so that it matches exactly your image? Let's try to understand this issue in more detail.

Unconditional genre classics is, of course, bluea men's suit that never goes out of style. First of all, this garment should ideally match your figure. If nature has endowed you with ideal proportions, then a half-fitting or semi-adjacent cut is suitable.

For those who have a solid figure, prefers to wear a single-breasted black or blue jacket, a male suit is better to choose a direct silhouette. He will emphasize stasis and hide minor flaws.
blue jacket for men
How to choose the right jacket?Men of medium height are recommended to determine the length of the product: standing upright, putting your hands at the seams, the level of the jacket and the beginning of the thumb should coincide. For tall men, you need to choose longer options, for short men - choose a shorter jacket.

The length of trousers should also be chosen depending ongrowth. High men can afford to wear an unshakable classic. To low representatives of the stronger sex should not give preference to trousers with cuffs.

A few recommendations for choosing an office style

In any office, strict etiquette is strictly followed, and evenIf the weather is hot outside, the dress code must be observed. In the wardrobe of every employee of the office there should be a blue male suit, this color is considered neutral and unremarkable, so if you change ties and shirts, you can come to work several times in such clothes. For gray everyday life it is better to have a half-woolen set of trousers and a jacket, and also from a fabric of the mixed structure (polyester with viscose). Thanks to such a combination of materials things do not crumple and do not require special care.
how to choose a men's suit
If you hold a solid position, position,of course, oblige to go in expensive pure woolen sets. They should be in the wardrobe at least five: light, gray, black and classic blue men's suit. Woolen products are worn 1-2 times, and then give them to hang on a wide hanger for two days. Care for such things must be special, in accordance with the requirements on the labels that are attached to the lining of each element of the wardrobe.

If the suit is sewn from the textile producedworld brands, there must be registered labels on it, brands of designers. Especially appreciated are lightweight woolen fabrics marked "Super" 100, 120 or 140. The products sewn from such fabric look very elegant. They are very expensive.

As for color, we already noted thatclassics is usually considered to be a blue men's suit. Here you should not go beyond and experiment. To business style it is possible to carry still and gray-black scale. In special cases, you can wear a light-colored jacket. However, it is worth remembering that such shades can visually increase the dimensions of its owner.

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