"Riker" - shoes of high quality and real comfort


"Riker" - shoes produced by a German company, which is one of the largest German manufacturers.

Riker Shoes
The company "Riker" began its production in 1845.Heinrich Reiker founded the company, after his death the company was managed by his sons. Currently, the president of the company is the great-grandson of Henry Reiker - Markus Reiker.

At the very beginning of its existence, the companynumbered about 600 workers, which was already an impressive figure. Shoes, produced by the company, almost immediately acquired regular customers. At that time, most of the buyers accounted for wealthy Italians, who were simply subdued by the German quality of products.

In just 20 years, the company has becomethroughout Europe. Glory grew - the company itself continued to grow. Factories of the company "Riker" opened almost throughout Europe. In the early 80's, Riker's shoes acquired phenomenal popularity both in the US and in Canada. This allowed the company to go up one more step.

Currently, the staff of the concern "Riker" includes more than 12 thousand people. The company has over 7,500 stores located around the world. The head office is in Switzerland.
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"Riker" - shoes of German quality, which the company produces by its own patented technology. Peculiarities of manufacture are kept in the strictest secrecy.

What is the unique "Riker" brand?Shoes of this company combines not only the original design, but also provides maximum comfort when wearing. The skin is made very carefully, as a result, it becomes as flexible as possible.

The materials from which the footwear is made are natural and have certificates attesting to high quality.

All offered products are equipped with brandedorthopedic insoles "Riker", shoes such a plan allows you to reduce the load when walking on the spine and feet. Thanks to the natural materials from which the insole is made, the foot breathes while it is moving.

In other words, the brand shoes "Riker" takes care of your feet, protects them and provides true comfort while walking.
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It is also worthwhile to focus on the style of the brand"Riker". The footwear of this company is a classic style, which is always in fashion. The color gamut is mainly composed of colors such as black, brown, gray, as well as various shades.

Virtually all companies are developing newmodels that are even more comfortable. In the models of this company you will not find ultramodern design, but this minus completely compensates for the high quality of shoes and increased comfort.

Germans inherent practicality and economy, this andthe fact of such a narrow color palette in shoes is explained. After all, shoes of dark colors look much like new for a long time. Bright colors can be seen, perhaps, only in children's and teenage models.

Shoes "Riker", reviews of which only positive character, continues to please consumers with quality, reasonable price and comfort, which they purchase along with the purchase.

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