Black dress in the floor - a sign of exquisite taste


Today, a black dress in the floor conquers everythinggreat popularity. It replaced the little dress from Coco Chanel. Practically at every fashion show, designers demonstrate new original models. Previously, this dress was perceived exclusively as an evening version for special celebrations. Today it is included in the everyday wardrobe of a stylish young woman. Modern black dress in the floor is evening and everyday. Both options can be ideal for every woman.

black dress in the floor
A small dress of black color can letimagine not all the fair sex for various reasons (non-standard figure, not very beautiful legs, etc.), while the length of the maxi disguises the extra pounds and the disproportion of the build. Evening dress black in the floor looks truly luxurious, provided that when it was manufactured, expensive and quality fabrics were used. Such models of flowing soft silk, flying chiffon, natural crepe de Chine give the woman elegance and lightness.

Always was and remains relevant black dress infloor with a train. It can be worn in a good expensive restaurant, as well as at a solemn ceremony. A spectacular female image emphasizes deep decollete, open back, a variety of notches and perforations on the bodice.

evening dress black in the floor

Designers rightly consider black colorideal for using all kinds of shiny decor (crystals, rhinestones, embroidery with silver and gold threads). Everyday long black dress differs from the evening dress first of all in length. It covers the legs only to the ankles, and sometimes it's a little shorter. However, it is absolutely not forbidden to wear a black dress on a daily basis - most importantly, that it does not constrain movements.

Unshakable and unquestionable hit severalseasons is a black lace dress in the floor. This model always looks amazing. Black lace effectively matched with a delicate female skin. In 2013, dresses of such models were presented to the general public by Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino, Marios Schwab, Dolce & Gabbana and many other well-known brands.

black lace dress in the floor

Almost all of the presented models - with longsleeves, which makes them somewhat "deaf." In Valentino's dress, this impression is enhanced by the laconic cut (he does not even open his collarbone). In the lace dress from Salvatore Ferragamo the upper part of the shoulders is open. The model looks impressive, but it is very chaste.

Evening black dress in the floor requires a supplement ina kind of elegant shoes with high heels, exquisite hand-clutch, jewelry. It should be noted that the black color is perfectly combined with both silver and gold. But in no case can you overdo with the choice of jewelry. It is necessary to focus on one thing - on massive earrings, a wide bracelet, an exquisite necklace.

A modern black dress on the floor is a signrefined taste and sophistication of its owner. Whichever style you choose, you can be sure that you will look truly luxurious!

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