Shoes "Hegel" - is beauty and high quality


The firm "Hegel" is a well-known Austrian brand in the whole world, producing comfortable footwear of high quality, beautiful and stylish.

History of the company

In 1935, the shoemaker Josef Hegel took the money on credit and opened a small shoe shop for them. The footwear he made was comfortable and reliable.

Hegel shoes
Initially, its design did not stand outvariety, because the popularity among customers used the classic. Gradually the factory developed, began cooperation with other countries. To date, it is a subsidiary of Lorenz Shoe Group AG. In the creation of new collections involved a large team of designers and marketers. Nowadays, Hegel shoes are made in accordance with European standards and take into account new trends in fashion.

Features of shoes "Hegel" - is elegance and quality

So that when buying shoes, there is no question of choice: beautiful shoes or comfort - the specialists of the company do everything to combine these qualities.

A convenient shoe and natural materials make the Hegel models not only beautiful, but also practical.

To make gait easy, production uses foam structured duplication of insoles, and light and flexible materials are used to make the sole.

In production, high quality materials are used, external and internal finishing of shoes is made only of genuine leather.

beautiful shoes

Due to the soft materials of the top and features of the cut, "Hegel" shoes are very flexible.

The pads developed by specialists provide for all the anatomical features of the foot. Even for a wide foot inside enough space to feel comfort.

If the insole is a Softline sign, it means that this model is the most convenient.

Shoes, which is the sign "Hogl", has a stable, comfortable heel height. It is made of soft elastic leather, the sole is elastic and flexible.

Comfort Weite is a comfortable fullness. In all collections included models that have non-standard completeness. along with convenience, style and beauty are preserved.

Hogl Crystal Collection - trendy models that are made of noble leather and decorated with Swarovski crystals.

In the autumn-winter collection there are shoes withclimatic membrane GorTex, which has excellent waterproof and thermal insulation properties. It is pleasant to the touch, it is practical and durable.

Variety of models

Beautiful women's shoes "Hegel" emphasizeexquisite taste, individual style and prestigious status of its owner. The company offers a wide range of models for customers, here are presented as a variety of classical options, as well as a wide selection of extravagant, refined and youthful designs. Dimensional mesh starts from the 34th and ends with the 45th size. Shoes "Hegel" produced in six different versions of completeness.

Thanks to a wide range ofmaterials company produces all kinds of shoes - from summer light sandals to warm winter boots. For their manufacture, the veal skin is used simple and elastic, sheep skin and fur, goat skin and suede, nubuck and velor.


Although originally shoes "Hegel" received its recognition for quality and quality, today this trendy footwear is represented by a wide range.

women's shoes Hegel

Women's summer shoes:sandals, sandals, ballet shoes, moccasins, classic boats, various designs of elegant shoes. The latest collection of summer shoes has a fashionable color and modern silhouette. It features beautiful shoes for every day and models for special occasions.

Women's demi-season and winter shoes: fashion boots, boots, boots and boots.

In the range of more than 100 models of different colors.

Shoes "Hegel": reviews

Fans of shoes of the firm "Hegel" say thatfell in love with her from the first couple. It is very comfortable and comfortable, legs do not feel tired at all. Therefore, despite the high cost and wide choice among different brands, choose shoes "Hegel".

Some prefer to purchase models of previous collections at the maximum discount, considering that they remain attractive and relevant.

There is an opinion among the fans of this brand that the shoes produced at the Austrian factory are of better quality than at other factories.

Hegel shoes reviews

Shoes "Hegel" gives a special charm to a woman, emphasizes her personality, gives extraordinary ease and pleasure.

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