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Meet a man, as everyone knows, by clothes. However, shoes play an important role in shaping the image. It is from this part of the wardrobe that the gait and mood of each of us largely depend.

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The company "Marco", producing shoes for men,women, as well as children, was founded in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-one. This joint-stock company is currently one of the most important producers on the Belarusian market. Three enterprises, which are part of the company, produce almost three million pairs of shoes per year. More than two and a half thousand employees participate in production processes of the company.

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Marco shoes are sold in the brandtrade. It has about three dozen shops. An important advantage of the company is the wide range of products. Marco shoes are a variety of constantly updated collections. Each of them has their own admirers. Popular among buyers are fashion collections of the status of men's and women's shoes "Marco Premier", as well as "Marco Prestige". Pleases the eyes of the buyers of the classic. It is represented by the models "Marco Classic", as well as "Marco Elegant". Practicality and convenience are different models of the collections "Marco Boots" and "Marco Sport". Children's shoes "Marco" is an invariable attribute of the wardrobe of small fashionistas and women of fashion. It is convenient and practical. The children's collection "San Marko" received good customer feedback.

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The company "Marco", whose shoes are presented asmodels for every day, and evening, produces high-quality products. At the same time, all the collections produced are distinguished by their exclusive design, great variety, and elegance. This allows satisfying the tastes of the most demanding customers.

Marco shoes combine practicalityand beauty. Taking into account our climatic conditions, this is especially important. The company studies all the problems that reduce the comfort of products. So, "Marco" LLC has established the only shoe factory in Belarus "Vikop-Fagus", the products of which allow creating comfortable shoes.

The company is constantly expanding the rangemanufactured products. So, since 2002, Marco shoes have been produced for the home. Comfortable men's and women's products are made of textiles and split. In two thousand and third year a new type of footwear for winter - boots was introduced into production. These models are created based on the motives and traditions of the northern peoples. The Marco-sport line was developed in 2005. Buyers highly appreciated the company's walking and sports shoes. 2008 is notable for the development of a new remarkable collection of "Marco-boots". Models designed for country walks, trips to the country, hiking in the woods and fishing, are characterized by a high degree of protection from moisture. In addition, they are quite warm.

During its existence, the company "Marco"has developed more than one and a half thousand different models of women's, teenagers, men's and children's shoes. It is made by traditionally glued, sandal-glued, and also casting method of fastening with a top from a natural leather.

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