How to clean suede shoes correctly


Suede shoes are always fashionable and in anyseason. And now, when the EMU felt boots are firmly in fashion, suede has become a very relevant material for sewing shoes. Each person in the wardrobe probably has at least one pair of such products: boots, boots, suede women's and men's shoes and even sandals and sandals. However, in its structure, suede is more vulnerable to exposure to moisture and dirt than leather. Buying smart shoes from her or nubuck, we need to know the simple rules for caring for them, because if you clean them like leather shoes, you can ruin them.

How to clean suede shoes? It all depends on what type of contamination has appeared on your shoes or boots. Suede is very sensitive to dampness and moisture. Most manufacturers of winter boots provide the West European market, that is, they create shoes for snowless winter and for states where this snow is carefully removed from the sidewalks. In our sad realities, we can only go out on the street in new suede boots and come home with wet feet, and on the new thing there will be beautiful whitish divorces from salt.

To avoid such surprises, along with suedeshoes, especially winter, get a special water-repellent spray. It can be both domestic Velor and imported means of different names, but having in their characteristics the designation "Water protect" (protection against water). Before you put on your shoes for the first time and go into it under snow or rain, soak suede with a water repellent. Allow to dry. Saturate again. And so 5 times. After that, you can shoe your shoes or shoes, but remember - for the prevention of permeating shoes with a water-repellent spray at least once a month.

But protection from moisture is not everything in the care ofsuch shoes. Suede, unlike leather, is more susceptible to dirt and dust. But remember that before you clean the suede boots, they should be completely dried. This should in no case be done on a battery or near a fire. Shoes should dry at room temperature. It is allowed only such a grandfather's way, how to fill in the middle of the boots with ordinary newsprint.

How to clean suede shoes, so as not to damagetender pile? Weak contaminants and dust can easily be eliminated with a normal clothing brush. Stronger soiling can be removed with a warm, slightly soapy solution, but dipping into the liquid requires a brush, not shoes. If the dirt is still visible, try to drip a few drops of ammonia in this solution, then always wash with a brush with cold water so that there are no soap divorces left. When the shoes dry, hold it over a pot of boiling water - steam perfectly spreads the pile. And then brush your shoe with a soft brush in one direction.

How to clean the suede shoes, if it is coveredOr there were fat stains? This problem can easily be eliminated by wiping boots or shoes with a swab dipped in gasoline or ammonia. Talc powder is also helpful. Still blurred spots are cleaned with the usual school eraser, rubbing against the side surface of the matchbox, cooked with coarse grained salt and even crumb of white bread. After these procedures, rinse shoes with cold water, dry and hold over the steam.

How to clean suede shoes, if she lostits original color? For refreshing the color and painting non-aesthetic scratches, special sprays are produced for suede and nubuck. But before handling the aerosol shoes, brush off the dust from it, remove any dirt, use steam to fluff the pile and dry it well. Brown shoes can be wiped with coffee grounds, black - with black paper.

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