Should I order a backpack "Madina" ("Avon")? Reviews


In the launch directory of 2016, Avonoffered a new backpack for women in urban style. The choice of models are two colors: black and pink. Pink quartz, which became a color trend this year, immediately attracted the attention of customers and made the backpack "Madina" ("Avon") popular. Reviews about it appeared on the web. This article takes into account the users' conclusions about the main advantages of the novelty and lists claims to the product.

backpack madina eivon reviews

Description and settings

The model is made of artificial leather (PVC),the lining is made of polyester. The backpack is closed by a valve with a clasp on the magnet and decorated with two straps. Also, the main compartment can be tightened with a lace-cake from the same material.

Inside the bag is equipped with two pockets:side with a zip and a pocket for a mobile phone. All rings, fasteners and decorative beads are made of shaded metal. The length of the shoulder straps is adjustable and can be increased from 43 cm to 86 cm. On the sides the backpack is equipped with two convenient patch pockets for small items, closing on the buttons. Available handle to carry in hand. The bottom of the backpack is soft.

Dimensions of the accessory: width - 28 cm, height - 36 cm, depth - 15 cm. Cost: 799 rubles.

backpack madina pink avon reviews

Backpack "Madina" ("Avon"): reviews are positive

Given that the model is sold at a low price,order in the catalog it was decided by a lot of regular customers of Avon products. Despite the fact that the purchase of such accessories companies can be successful and not very, because the goods are selected from the picture, the vast majority approved the backpack "Madina" (pink). "Avon" reviews have long been collecting good enough. The opinions of real people confirm that the specimen justified their hopes. Its main advantages are:

  • design: comfortable, stylish, beautiful;
  • spaciousness;
  • quality of material: artificial leather soft and strong, very similar to natural;
  • perfectly stitched: the thread does not stick out anywhere, the seams are even;
  • good quality at an affordable price;
  • the fastening magnet is tightly fixed, does not unfasten itself;
  • the headset is made with taste, beads do not look cheap decoration;
  • It does not require special care.

backpack madina color pink avon reviews

Disadvantages of the model

Some customers complained about the unpleasantodor, which when unpacking had a backpack "Madina" ("Avon"). The reviews, which were positive, indicate that most women of this smell did not notice at all or claim that he disappeared in a few minutes.

All users agree on the colorgoods. It did not match the photo of the model placed in the catalog: recall, the backpack "Madina" has a pink color ("Avon"). The responses given by the owner of the backpack indicate that the color of the bag is rather beige than pink, which, however, did not upset most of them.

A test drive showed that, despitecapacity, do not overload the model with too much weight. Under the influence of gravity over 7 kg, straps and knapsacks begin to stretch, and the threads with which they are stitched will gradually tear.


A lot of users recommend an accessory,since they did not find any appreciable flaws. People describing the backpack "Madina" (Avon), the reviews leave positive, and also indicate that the model is qualitative and practical, that is, it deserves attention.

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