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Everyone who has ever bought sneakers knows abouthow difficult it is to get quality shoes, and even at a low price. However, it is quite possible to find it. These are sports models, better known under the brand name "Biom Ekko". What kind of shoes are these? Is it comfortable and practical? And what do customers say about it? We offer you a short overview of the models of this company.

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Brief history of the company's development

The company "Ekko" started its activity withthe opening of a small enterprise for the production of footwear. It was opened in 1963. At the same time, the organization announced the beginning of the work of the main office located in Denmark. Over time, this small private enterprise opened several factories and branches, expanded its retail network and entered the international market.

At the moment, sneakers and other shoes underTM Ecco Biom can be found in the cities of Slovakia, Portugal, China, Indonesia and other parts of the world. At the moment, the company's network representation has increased to 100 outlets. And this is not the limit.

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A few words about the shoes themselves

Sneakers "Ekko Biom" - it's comfortable and beautifulshoes, produced under the famous brand Ecco. The production of this company is famous for its low cost and good quality of the material used in production.

You can wear shoes of this company in the period fromearly spring and until very deep autumn. At the same time, not only adults and teenagers, but also small children can choose the sneakers "Ekko Biom" for themselves. The size range in the case of an adult audience varies between 40-45 sizes.

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Interesting features of brand shoes

"Biom Ekko" - amazing shoes that are sewn withaddition of natural leather, has a presentable appearance. If these are sports models for adults, then in the color range, classical and pastel colors prevail. If we are talking about children, then among the large number of models it is quite realistic to find beautiful sneakers of dark blue, white, brown and even pink color.

All products of the company favorably differ fromtheir competitors. For example, it is equipped with an anti-slip, dense and wear-resistant outsole. Models "Biom Ekko" - it is always stylish and beautiful shoes, corresponding to modern fashion trends. They are characterized by a laconic design, clear lines, the presence of firmware and the absence of unpresentable seams, protruding threads.

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Strength, reliability and convenience

According to many buyers, "Biom Ekko"is made of a material pleasant to the touch. It does not stretch, does not crack, and does not lose its original factory qualities for a long time. As the manufacturers themselves say, their sports shoes go through a long test of time. And since the raw materials that they use in production are very high quality, most models from the company's range serve their owners for more than one year.

Pads Features

In the process of manufacturing shoes Ecco Biom specialattention is paid to the creation of the pads. According to experts, this manufacturer makes it taking into account all possible anatomical features of the foot. At the same time, the manufacturer managed to achieve a simply perfect adhesion of the surface to the sole, which is made from the wood of a real rubber tree.

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What are they, children's shoes "Ekko Biom"?

Few people know that the brand "Eco" has morechildren's range of shoes in the range. This beautiful and stylish footwear is made using high-quality leather, suede, nubuck. Many of the models are equipped not only with lacing, but also Velcro, as well as convenient side clasps.

As experienced moms say, children's models of thisfirms that are quite good. They praise the shoes for good quality and low price. True, some argue that they had problems with choosing the right size. According to their story, many children's models are "small", so you need to take on a size larger than your real.

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The ideal men's line of sports shoes

If you pay attention to the male models "EccoBiom ", you can identify the severity and laconism of this line. It features excellent quality of used leather and a huge selection of color palette. Thanks to this, each buyer has the right to choose among a large number of models exactly the one that will completely suit him.

According to user stories, shoes from thisThe collection is very comfortable, sturdy and has an excellent foot fix. It is designed not only for a narrow, but also a broad leg with a high lift. Due to the universal lacing, you can always let go a little or, conversely, tighten more.

Many fans of sports shoes alsotell that inside of such shoes the foot breathes. She is not preet and sweats less. Not overcooled and not prone to leaks. This means that the models from this collection can be worn in any weather, including rainy. Moreover, this footwear reduces the risk of fungal diseases of the skin and colds. This is confirmed by numerous reviews about "Ekko Biom".

The main advantages of footwear "Ekko"

Based on the numerous feedback from users, you can draw the following conclusions about shoes "Ekko":

  • Has an attractive appearance and concise design.
  • Suitable for everyday wear and for all occasions.
  • Designed for men and teenagers.
  • Has a long service life.
  • Does not need special extra care.
  • Suitable for wide and narrow foot.
  • Allows the skin to breathe.
  • For a long time does not lose its original qualities.
  • Not prone to damage, stretching and mechanical damage.
  • It is made of quality material.
  • It is possible to choose the right color and size.

And this is not the whole list of real advantages of branded and quality footwear of this brand.

What should I do to increase the service life of shoes?

None, even very expensive shoes, will notto serve you for a long time if you do not take good care of it. In particular, sport sneakers TM "Eko" also require care. For example, after walking on the street, they should be shaken off with a special shoe brush. From the dried up dirt you can get rid of by using a brush with a hard, almost metallic pile or a slightly rubberized base (applies mainly to suede and nubuck shoes).

To get really high-qualityshoes, it is necessary to purchase sneakers exclusively on official websites or representative offices of the company in your city. And of course, it's important to choose shoes according to your size. Otherwise, branded sneakers will not bring you any joy, will cause a lot of negative emotions and bad reviews. Therefore, when buying shoes for this company, consider all the nuances, find the appropriate models and wear them with pleasure!

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