Styles of clothing for all occasions


Coco Chanel was right when she said that fashioncomes and goes, but the style remains forever. You can buy as many of the most fashionable things, but be able to combine them so that it looks harmonious and truly stylish, not everyone is given. It's not for nothing that one young lady can say: "I've hooked everything that was", and the other - that she is dressed "modestly, but with taste." It is this "modestly, but with taste" and there is that sense of style. You can put on a brocade dress, put on shoes with a print "under the leopard", hang a lot of jewelry and look like a parrot, despite the cost of this wardrobe. And you can beat the most simple and cheap jersey and present it in such a way that everyone will puzzle over the name of a nonexistent designer.

It is clear that every woman chooses for herselfsome basic style in clothes, although this does not mean that there can not be other things in her wardrobe. At times the soul craves diversity, and the styles of clothes, of which many, give such an opportunity to the beautiful lady.

The most popular style todayis a cacheal. It is very democratic, because it allows you to combine elements of clothing of "designer origin" with things that are spontaneously bought in the market or in a sink store. Clothing of this style is extremely convenient for everyday wear, it's not a secret that jeans clothes are an unspoken symbol of the style of jejou. And since almost everything goes to jeans, the fantasies on "what to wear" can be limitless and very original.

Various styles of clothing allow for that oralways be appropriate. After all, it is unlikely that someone will appreciate your creative attire in the grunge style at a secular or business reception. Yes, and attending a rock concert in an evening gown can cause some bewilderment among the public, so for such fun parties it is worthwhile to purchase several related things. So, the style of rock in clothing necessarily includes: leather trousers, torn and worn jeans, a jacket "kosuhu", black T-shirts with portraits of famous rockers, all sorts of leather wristbands and mitts with thorns and rivets, boots "camelot", etc. P.

If you are going on a romantic date,Look in your wardrobe for a light elegant dress with touching arms. In this outfit, you will look feminine and defenseless, and men are extremely attracted. If you do not like the "pink ruches", no less romantic can be a marine style in clothes. Of course, this does not mean that you need to put on a vest and flippers. It's enough just for air, flared down, dresses in white-blue or red-and-white stripes, charming blue (or red) sandals on a wedge, several thematic accessories (a brooch or pendant in the form of a steering wheel or an anchor, etc.) - and you will be irresistible and incredibly stylish.

Today, the styles of clothing are so multifaceted that, withspecial ingenuity, you can combine not combinable and look as if you just left the podium. So, for example, you can perfectly combine the style of kazhual mentioned above with the business style. Successfully matched jeans and a jacket plus unobtrusive, but bright accessories - all this is quite worthy of the title "elegant image" and is absolutely suitable as an office clothes.

For relaxation, you can perfectly combine such stylesclothing as sports and ethnic, resulting in a completely new style of safari. He has comfortable Bermuda trousers with a lot of overhead pockets, straight skirts with high cuts, flared skirts and skirts-trapezes to the knee, shorts, elongated jackets. Of shoes, leather sandals, boots, sandals with wide straps are perfect. But, choosing shoes in this style, please note that the heel here is not allowed: only a flat sole. And, of course, you can not do without accessories: leather straps, wide-brimmed soft hats, laces, fringes, beads and bracelets made of wood, leather and other natural materials.

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