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Children's shoes Geox - model of the famousthe Italian brand. The brand was founded in 1999. Manufactured by the company and sports, and casual children's shoes Geox. Collections and models are regularly updated and expanded.

Children's shoes Geox - the highest quality

So, more in detail. Children's shoes Geox is very high quality. Thanks to a special membrane, air can circulate freely inside, the skin "breathes", and sweat comes out. Accordingly, the feet are kept dry all the time, even during the rain. According to the same technology, winter models are also manufactured. However, they are additionally insulated with fur or wool. The assortment is quite large. The company produces models for boys and girls. Actual collections include a variety of lines of everyday, sports, tourist and parade-shoes. In a word, the brand allows the buyer to choose exactly what is needed for his children.

geox baby shoes

Collections are regularly updated

Children's shoes Geoxattention of customers new models. All the collections are of excellent design and high quality. Excellent foot ventilation, heat support and water resistance are the main advantages of this brand. In the unique "breathable" rubber soles, there are many miniature ventilation holes. Well, the watertightness of the models is provided by the waterproof membrane.

However, do not forget that any shoesnevertheless requires careful, careful treatment. The same applies to the products of this brand. On highly contaminated surfaces, the waterproofness of the membrane can be significantly reduced. However, the ventilation characteristics do not suffer at all. For summer models of this brand is an undoubted advantage.

Their new collections of brand designersdo not cease to improve. To date, significantly increased the wear resistance of membranes, as well as improved ventilation and waterproof properties of this shoe. By the way, one more thing. New membranes are used even on models completely made of leather, despite the fact that their soles are not equipped with ventilation holes.

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Application of various technologies

Trade mark Geox sizes of children's shoesoffers a wide variety. And all of them, regardless of this or the chosen model, are distinguished by the use of all kinds of new technologies. A new collection, for example, is made with another interesting solution of modern designers. This is the application of AMPHIBIOX technology. Thanks to her, the top models are also "breathing". This children's shoes are perfectly adapted for urban conditions. Of course, for children this is especially true. Therefore, such models are created with an increased safety factor.

geox children's shoes reviews

In all seasons

Geox - children's shoes, reviews of which very muchgood. And no matter what material for the top was chosen. It can be textiles, leather or nubuck. Modern artificial materials are also often used in the manufacture of this footwear. Consumers say that the products in the sock are very comfortable. Children do not complain about any discomfort. Shoes are designed for different weather conditions.

Light sandals are to everyone's likingbaby. Winter children's shoes also please their small owners. Such shoes are made in everyday semi-sport style. Teens fit the more classic models. The supplied boots can be laces, zippers or velcro straps. In this case, the opinions of customers may diverge. Here everything depends on the client's preferences. In the rest, consumers do not indicate any shortcomings.

In a word, the assortment of this brand is quite wide. You can easily find good, beautiful, quality shoes. The choice is yours!

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