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The wedding dress has a fairly longhistory. Stronger this world in this plan was less fortunate. Until the end of the nineteenth century, the European fashion did not know a special men's suit, which would be designed for a wedding. Various representatives of the upper classes (Renaissance knights, medieval knights, etc.) chose the most expensive and luxurious clothes for the wedding. Basically, European aristocrats in a wedding suit combined generic symbolic colors, the future wife and their own, thus hinting at a certain political overtones.

wedding dress
If we had the opportunity to visitwedding in a less wealthy and wealthy family, it is likely that we would find newlyweds who would be dressed in bright national costumes. In the guise of the groom, an important role was played by a shirt, woven or embroidered by his own future wife. She did not just decorate her suited wedding suit, she demonstrated herself as a good housewife and a skilled needlewoman. Great importance was given to the groom's belt. He represented the real man's power, therefore, he promised a great offspring. The groom's belt was made in many colors or red with a huge amount of red parts to protect from a bad eye. Basically, he played an essential role in the wedding ceremony, showing the fortress of marriage ties.

The wedding costume of a medieval knight assumed the wearing of a flower. His appearance is due to single flowers or boutonniere decorating the groom's outfit in all kinds of European countries.
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In Europe there was an interesting custom from the Middlecenturies, promising luck and happiness in love to everyone who managed to get a part of the outfit. Of course, the man's wedding suit from such superstition suffered quite strongly. And only a further change, allowing only a few of the details to be left in the crowd, enabled the newlyweds to keep their clothes intact until the end of the celebration.

Time passed, wedding fashion changed with him. By the beginning of the twentieth century, men in their arsenal had acquired a classic, for us now habitual wedding suit. Here the main role among the countries of Europe belonged to England. The bridegrooms of Great Britain wore long tuxedos, above the knee by only 10 centimeters, with an exquisite English collar. Bottom worn vest, and elegant image of the groom complemented with a pin-tie tie.
wedding costume
A variation of this outfit then became a strict suit with an indispensable tie and jacket.

By the middle of the 19th century, the wedding costume was enriched with various shades of gray along with a white shirt, in addition, an expensive dark brown.

XX century forced the Europeans to follow the fashion allmore, not lagging a step away from their favorite women. The wedding dress got a different color, pattern and texture of the fabric: pants and coats appeared in stripes and cages. The best designers began to offer various bold combinations of colors, denying the established principles of the English tradition.

To date, the choice of clothes for the groomdictated only by personal preferences and tastes of future spouses. Only one at all times remains unchanged: a properly matched suit of a man is just as important as a bride's dress. The main thing is their harmonious combination, personifying harmony and love in the marriage union.

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