Alena Akhmadulina. Career history.


Known for the whole world, Russian designer Alena Akhmadulina was born in a full family on June 5, 1978 in Sosnovy Bor.

Some information about childhood

alyona ahmadulina

Since childhood Alena was engaged in sports, namely -biathlon. She also took a great interest in music, attending music school. At the age of seventeen, Alena Akhmadulina entered St. Petersburg University of Design. Throughout his studies, the designer won many fashion competitions. For example, "Dress of the Year", held in 2001.

Alena Akhmadulina: a designer from Russia. Carier start

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After graduating from university in 2001, sixmonths Alyona Akhmadulina decided to create a new world brand, in the name of which she used her name and surname, only in Latin. To this day, the brand Alena Akhmadullina produces beautiful women's clothing and various accessories for it. After a certain time, Alena founded her own fashion house, and since that time her designer career has gone up the stairs.

Alena Akhmadulina: dresses, skirts, shirts

alyona akhmadulina's dresses

Collections created by Ahmadulina, regularlyare presented to the attention in Paris at the famous fashion week. For the first time, Alena took part in such an event in 2005, where she presented dresses, shirts and skirts created by the motif of the well-known tale "The Fly of the Tsokotukha". Nowadays, in various fashion magazines, Alain is presented as an asset of Russian fashion.

In 2008, Ahmadulina was invited to workartist of the costumes in Ivan Dykhovichny's movie "Breath-Exhalation". Two years later, Alena took up costumes for the trilogy "Tales of Bazhov." In the same year she was engaged in the development of the Olympic uniform of the Russian team. During the "Eurovision" in Moscow, the designer was engaged in work on T-shirts for the contest. During the Olympic Games in Italy, the "luminary of Russian fashion" created colorful costumes for participants in the opening of the Olympics.

In April 2009, Alena Akhmadulina becameparticipant of the not unknown project "Snob". After this project, as the designer herself says, she began to consider her merit "The extermination of European snobbery in relation to the Russian fashion." Until now, its collections are in no way inferior to foreign analogues. They are even better than many European collections created by other foreign designers, no less famous than Ahmadulina.

Design achievements of Alena Akhmadulina

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Alena Akhmadulina created women's clothes, inwhich simultaneously combines femininity and audacity, elegance and courage. It was she who first introduced unique dresses with three-dimensional elements, the so-called 3D. Alena "changed" the whole secular Moscow and St. Petersburg. They write letters from all over the country. According to the well-known magazine Elle, Alena is considered "one of the best designers of the world", who received the "Vector of Fashion" award. Her brand Alena Akhmadullina is sold in the most famous clothing stores around the world.

Alena Akhmadulina presented the Russian fashion in anotherlight, thanks to which she became the owner of many awards in the field of fashion design. The designer pays great attention to the quality of materials when creating the next line. Basically, she buys all the material at European auctions. Thus, the clothes under the brand Alena Akhmadullina demonstrate excellent quality and unique design.

Alena was married, her husband became famousproducer Arkady Volkov. Thanks to him, Akhmadulina managed to unleash her brand at the initial stage, which eventually paid off. The designer's clothes are also worn by Russian pop stars, one of them is Zemfira, who likes the unique style created by Alena's clothes.

Our days

In our days Alena Akhmadulina has reached such skies,that in March 2015 she presented to the world her unique autumn-winter collection for 2015 and 2016. The entire show was held within the well-known automobile company Mercedes Benz.

Models of Alena Akhmadulina are regularly present in theknown magazines such as "Vogue", "I-D", "Elle". Now the designer contracts and works with many well-known companies all over the world, with whom he creates clothes and accessories for various events, after which Alena's clothes will undoubtedly reach the pages of famous fashion magazines. Alena Akhmadulina's shop is visited regularly by many famous people. Often its services, as a designer, are enjoyed by the stars.

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