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Umbrellas Moschino - accessories well-known tradeThe brand, founded in 1983 by Italian designer Franco Moschino. For a while he worked at the Versace Fashion House. Here he absorbed interesting ideas and gained mastery. However, the designer was not satisfied with the fact that these umbrellas were not available to ordinary people. That's why he decided to create his own brand. His models should not be inferior to models from Versace in quality and exclusivity, but at the same time be distinguished by democratic prices. Marco coped with this task. To date, many women can afford umbrellas Moschino. They are distinguished by their excellent quality and durability. At the same time, a unique design can not leave anyone indifferent.

Umbrellas Moschino after the death of Franco

The founder of the company died in 1994. After that, employees, friends and relatives decided to continue working Marco. The comrades adopted his creative heritage and began to work with new strength. This brand is created for people who want to stand out from the crowd, not be like everyone else. This it remains for today. Women who purchase such umbrellas create their own image and style, and do not blindly follow someone else. An original accessory, even on gray rainy days, highlights its mistress among the surrounding people. Many models in their design combine subtle humor along with the worship of female beauty. In a word, with such an umbrella you are sure to attract interested views. Most often among these products there are blue, black, red, smoky gray and pink models. Original prints are also at the peak of popularity.

moschino umbrellas

Do not be afraid of rain or wind

Umbrellas Moschino - not just beautiful stylishaccessories. These are also very convenient models. Each umbrella is equipped with a special system "antiveter". They serve for a very long time and are distinguished by strong and stable structures.

Umbrellas are made by hand usingthe best fabrics and the finest finishing materials. These accessories perfectly protect their owners from the weather. All of them are exclusive things with a perfectly memorable design. To decorate umbrellas can, for example, unusual silhouettes on a pink background, colors in chamomile or peas, image of a kitten, etc. In general, the imagination of artists has no boundaries.

Such umbrellas, by the way, will be an ideal gift for the wife, girl, girlfriend or co-worker. Every woman will be happy to receive such an unusual original present.

umbrella cane moschino

Huge popularity

It is not so important whether it will be a folding model, orthe umbrella-cane Moschino. This product is in great demand in the whole world. This success is caused by a special concept of the company, which focuses on creating bright accessories for those people who are able to appreciate in the style of a sense of humor. Franco Moschino, before releasing his personal collection, for six years worked as an illustrator for the artist Gianni Versace himself. To the creation of his own brand, he was pushed by the rejection of ostentation chic and luxury. His collections impress everyone with original design at a democratic price. The rebellious spirit of Moskino instantly managed to conquer the hearts of millions of people. Unsurprisingly, after all, he urged them to use exactly what they like, and not what the fickle fashion dictates.

moschino womens umbrellas

Choosing Celebrities

Umbrellas Moschino - women's accessories thatfascinate many people around the world. They perfectly correspond to the three known principles of this fashion house. This is not just a fashionable and beautiful product. It is also a reliable, high-quality, practical thing. Such an umbrella charges with energy and positive, necessary to achieve the set goals.

Choose such accessories and world stars. Among them are Alicia Silverstone, Gwyneth Paltrow and other celebrities. In a word, these models have not just earned public recognition. Having made such an acquisition, you will not regret in any way.

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