Antiviral shoes for children: value, selection rules


Many parents are touched by their crumbs,moving, like a bear cub, slightly slanting. But this insignificant, at first glance, defect of the musculoskeletal system can lead to serious negative consequences for the child's health.

Antiviral shoes

But it is possible in time to eliminate such a problem, as a clubfoot, by straightening an incorrectly placed stop with special anti-viral orthopedic footwear.

Clumsy and proper shoes

Antiviral footwear received its name fromof the eponymous disease is the varus, which is more popular among the people as a clubfoot. This disease consists in the fact that the feet are turned with socks to each other.

However, this disease can be corrected forearly stage due to the fact that the bone system of the child is formed not one year. It is to ensure that the position of the child's leg is correct, orthopedic doctors are assigned a specific treatment - antiviral shoes for children.

The importance of such shoes

Thanks to this shoe, the child does not fall onthe inner side of the foot, thus, the socks are bred in different directions from each other. The child rests on three main points: the inner and outer parts of the foot and the heel, that is, the entire area of ​​the sole.

So the anti-roll footwear excludes the possibility to bend and put the foot incorrectly.

Antiviral shoes for children

Invaluable value of anti-shoe footwear:

  • due to it the load on the unformed baby leg is distributed correctly;
  • she fixes the heel and sock, and this does not allow the leg to hang;
  • the child comes to the foot as expected and presses on her whole body, and thanks to this the baby does not get tired of the back and when walking for a long time the legs do not hurt;
  • a child wearing an antiviral footwear does not cause any discomfort.

Children's Antiviral Shoes: How to Choose the Right One?

Many parents, after hearing a diagnosis from the doctor, dodo not rush to the store to buy anti-diving shoes, explaining that the disease is not very serious and will pass by itself. There are also those who refuse to buy because of the very high prices for children's shoes. But every parent should understand and realize that the child's health is not appreciated.

For the prevention and treatment of diseaseclub foot antiviral shoes - a necessary purchase. Choosing it for your baby, you should know that it is slightly different from conventional orthopedic shoes. There is no arch supports. This part is necessary for the treatment of flat feet, but with clubfoot contraindicated.

Antiviral footwear should be correctsize: neither less nor more. In no case can not buy medical shoes for growth - it should well fix the leg, not allowing it to bend and move. Otherwise, there will be no use in treating clubfoot.

The heel in the antiviral footwear should be slightly depressed due to a special cup, notch. The back of the leg should be kept strictly vertical.

Children's Antiviral Shoes

Genuine anti-wrist shoes have a lacing or a high adjustable buckle. And also a high back, which does not allow the heel to crawl, but reliably fixes it in the right position.

And the last thing: antiviral medical footwear works wonders with a pedicure only up to 6-7 years, when the bones are just forming, and the ligaments are quite elastic.

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