Beautiful cocktail dresses: photos, accessories


Cocktail dresses are an indispensable attribute of the femalewardrobe, they are the universal option for meetings, parties and meetings. This wardrobe item is a short dress, as for the styles, then they are enough to pick up a dress about the figure.

Material selection

The choice of evening cocktail dresses is complicatedmany, because it should emphasize all the beauty, femininity and mystery of the hostess. Before going shopping, you need to decide which material is the most suitable. In summer, it is better to use flying fabrics, it is easier to wait out the heat. In the cold seasons it is worth paying attention to warm or dense fabrics, preferably with the presence of a sleeve, this will look appropriate. Guipure and lace will be appropriate in any season, they will give elegance and chic to the wearer, and sometimes tenderness, are very popular in cocktail dresses for girls. Viscose, chiffon and other flying materials are often used in dresses in the Greek style, they perfectly hide all the shortcomings of the figure.

Blue festive cocktail dress

Choosing a dress according to the figure

Each person is individual, but stylists stillmanaged to systematize the figures of women in a single structure. Knowing their own characteristics, the girl will not only correctly place accents with the help of clothes. Select the following types of shapes:

  • Triangle - also known as a pear, with this physique the girl's chest is proportionately smaller than the thigh.
  • Apple - often found in full girls, suggests an increased waist line compared with shoulders and hips.
  • Inverted triangle. Holders of this type of figure have powerful enough shoulders and narrow hips.
  • Rectangle. The figure assumes approximately equal sizes of a waist, hips and a breast.
  • The hourglass is the dream of many girls, with this physique the chest and hips will be proportional, and the waist is narrow. Such a figure attracts with its bends.

Anything, including a cocktail dress,should emphasize the advantages and hide the shortcomings, and also make the figure balanced and proportional. Thin straps are capable to spoil even the most elegant hands, it is recommended to approach with the mind to the choice of this part of the dress.

Blue cocktail dress


A problematic place of this type is the hips,accordingly, the dress itself should divert attention from their volume. A good choice will be models with an open décolleté zone, volumetric notch. Perhaps the most versatile option - cocktail dresses with high waist, they hide almost all the disadvantages, of course, if the skirt starts immediately under the breast. Often in such products use a slightly collected top or an abundance of ruches, such details will balance the figure. The length of the dress for this physique can vary depending on the preference and slenderness of the girl's legs. A trapezoid dress or, as it is also called, A-silhouette will also be a good choice, it is best for young girls, provided that the length is higher than the knee.

An Apple

The main role in choosing a dress for such a girlshould play length, the dress should not be too short, preferably slightly below the knee. Models in the Greek style will be an ideal option, hiding extra pounds behind the fabric and emphasizing the slender legs of the owner. Photos of cocktail dresses for full girls are mandatory for viewing before shopping. Among other things, suits and bouche style products - a significant smell and a lush skirt. The color of the dress also plays an important role, for example, dark and cold shades are often slender, but increase visually the age, warm and bright fill, but make the mistress younger. The dress of the right color will make the hostess not only visually slimmer and younger, but will even out the color of the skin, make it lively and fresh.

Short strapless dress

Inverted Triangle

Cocktail dresses for such a figure shouldHave a minimum of jewelry on the shoulders and bust and the maximum volume of the skirt. Open shoulders and thin shoulder straps are also prohibited, as they accentuate the upper body, making it even bigger. But slender legs can be beaten by the minimum length and ruffles on the skirt. You should not use bolero, even if it suddenly turns cold, this cute little thing often just spoils the general impression, divides the figure into unequal parts, increasing in breadth. Volumetric ornaments also are counter-indicative, and here magnificent hairdress, on the contrary, slightly visually will reduce a humeral belt.

Cocktail dress


Such a figure completely rejects any tightclothes, it is best to give preference to fitted silhouettes or an option with a loose top and skirt. Dress-shirts, Empire style, so-called "puppet" style and a trapeze are good. Owners of such a figure should focus on the waist, carefully avoiding direct silhouettes. The choice of such cocktail dresses in Moscow and other cities is simply huge. A large cutout in the décolleté zone with a small bust will not look organically, it is better to choose a product with a lot of ruches or assemblies on the right area, they will add volume.

Strapless dress with a gradient


As already noted, this is the most desirable figure,it is believed that it can not be spoiled by any dress, but it is best accentuated by dress-cases, they will create an excellent accent on the figure and the decollete zone. No contraindications, but there are recommendations for those who have some completeness. It is better to cover full hands with sleeves, rather than focusing on them in the form of thin strapless, the tummy is best concealed by a skirt starting from the waistline or under the breast, and full hips can be hidden thanks to the length. A large tummy will help smooth out special underwear, do not be embarrassed, many actresses and singers use it when they go out.

There is a belief that for every girl in thisthere is an ideal dress, it is ready, sewed and waiting for its owner. So do not despair after a few failures. Choose a dress you need, relying not only on your own figure, but also take into account your own color, purchase reason, weather conditions and many other factors. It is worth noting that the completed image will not be if you do not combine the chosen model with suitable accessories and shoes.

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