Original kinds of lacing for all occasions


The last few years to shoes with lacingcomes back great popularity. Laconic models of classic shoes or unusual sport sneakers can be the basis for choosing a stylish wardrobe. But to give a special character will help such detail, as unconventionally tied shoelaces. Currently, the ways of lacing sneakers have at least thirty different variations. In addition to attracting attention, they also have other useful functions.

Ways of lacing sneakers

For example, considering particularly practical types of laces, it is possible to mention a method that is perfectly suited for the reliable pulling of a leg in a ski or roller boot.

To ensure a confident position of the foot,it is necessary, when tying the shoes, to insert the shoestring into the far holes first, and, taking its ends outwards, tie them as usual, but at the same time, twisting together at each site.

To give elegance to classic shoes, there are some types of laces.

For example, quickly and accurately you can lace up shoes with a European method.

It consists in the fact that the ends drawn from below alternate alternately.

And one segment of the lace each time is displayed diagonally on one hole above the previous one.

Types of lacing sneakers

Special methods are distinguished by methods when the visible parts of the lace are parallel strips.

These kinds of laces tell about the love of the ownershoes to detail, a creative approach to business. But this method simultaneously requires for its realization some skill. The ends of the lace are pulled out inside the shoe through the lower holes.

Then one of the segments is drawn perpendicularly up through the next hole and is again wound at the same level in the adjacent ring, forming a straight transverse stitch.

The same operation is performed with the other end of the lace, but it is displayed one level higher - and so on.

It will be most convenient to tie the shoelaces in this way when the number of hole levels is equal to an even number.

Kinds of lacing sneakers, above all, shouldbe functionally justified, unlike shoe lacing for quiet walks on an even surface. Lovers of travel and long walks in the thickets, forests and thickets will be useful information on how to prevent the cling of shoes for branches and grass.

Types of laces

For this, after removing the lace through the bottomholes outward, it is necessary to repeat the method of direct tying, only in this case, straight stitches will be inside the shoe, and outwardly come out segments that are closely adjacent to the shoes along.

When using this method, the lace points are on the side.

It would be most rational to bring these bows into the inner space, so as not to allow unnecessary entanglements.

Thus, types of lacing can facilitate everyday life.

The correct and creative choice of a suitable method will not only help impress loved ones, friends or co-workers, but also provide comfortable movement.

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