Original asymmetrical dress


Dress with an asymmetrical bottom is one of the fashion models of this season. It looks very elegant, sexy and romantic.

asymmetrical dress
There are several variations of these outfits: with a skewed hem or consisting of all kinds of canvases of different lengths, in addition, dresses, elongated from behind, but with a short front. These variants can be found in the latest collections of eminent brands: Emporio Armani, Gucci, Carolina Herrera, Donna Karan, etc. Such models are gaining popularity, pushing the maxi, fashionable last season, from the shelves of the shops and podiums.

Asymmetric dress: stylistic solutions

This model is a great idea for the evening,cocktail and beach attire. With her help, you can create a romantic and gentle image. Choosing an outfit, long behind in the form of a train and shortened from the front, its owner will definitely be awarded the title of Queen of the evening.

Confident ladies can wear a dress withasymmetrical hem on the prom night or wedding. The models with a corset emphasizing the waist, as well as a shortened hem, and a falling multilayered wavy trail look good. It is also interesting to combine a shortened bottom with asymmetric sleeves or a neck.

In this dress you will look amazing, at the same time feel very comfortable, not getting confused in long skirts and numerous povyubnikah.

dress with asymmetrical hem

For daily wear the most suitable modelswith a slight asymmetry. They are inadmissible in business style, because they carry sexuality and a kind of liberty, which is an extra detail for such clothes. But very courageous representatives of a gentle sex on work put on such outfits complete with a classical jacket or bolero.

Asymmetrical dress: styles

This model perfectly emphasizes the A-shaped,trapezoidal and flared silhouettes. Here the main role is played by a skirt that widens downwards. It favorably emphasizes any unevenness. The elongated area of ​​the skirt can fall down to the floor cascade, and also have the appearance of a tail, and the hem, oblique to the side, nicely lies down to the knee with a wave. The dress-toga looks original, it is actual now. But to the dresses such as "case", "pencil" and the like does not fit an asymmetrical hem, since it does not create the desired effect.

Asymmetric dress: how to wear it?

To make such a dress conceal flaws and emphasize all the merits of the figure, one should not make a mistake in choosing a model, focusing on the features of the figure and growth.

Asymmetric dress: choose shoes and accessories

Asymmetric hem in the dress is and soquite a bright accent, therefore, do not weight the image with a huge number of all kinds of accessories, ornaments of aggressive colors and massive jewelry. Similar models look great with a neat ring and small earrings. The set can also be completed with a bracelet if desired.

dress with asymmetrical bottom

Having chosen a model with a corset, it should be selectedA chain with a pendant or an elegant necklace, so that your image does not become too "insipid". At the same time asymmetrical top does not require decoration. Finish the image you will help graceful shoes on a high wedge or heel.

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