Beautiful tattoo for girl. Beautiful little tattoos: on the wrist, fingers, shoulders


In an abundance of ideas for tattooing is easy andget lost. But it's worth taking the time to carefully choose, then not to regret your decision. A beautiful tattoo is an ornament that belongs only to you and is always with you.

Which pattern to choose

Here are some ideas that are quite popular:

  • Butterfly - a symbol of growth and rebirth, because froman ungainly pupa is born into an amazing creature. Many girls like this beautiful tattoo, which reminds them of their own changes and emphasizes their femininity. It's fashionable to draw with the volume: it seems that the butterfly has just sat on the skin for a moment and will now fly away.
    beautiful tattoo
  • Stars - one, several, in the form of a track orconstellations. This is the eternal symbol of success, which is suitable for strong and bright natures. If stars are added to your zodiac constellation, such a beautiful tattoo even more will emphasize your individuality.
    beautiful tattoo
  • The dream catcher is an artifact of Indians in the form of cobwebs,which should keep bad dreams and miss good ones. It looks very advantageous for the catcher under the ear - like a large earring, on the shoulder or between the shoulder blades. People portray it as a symbol of the fact that only good things should be allowed into your life.


What can be more feminine and beautiful than flowers? Not surprisingly, they are popular among the drawings for tattoos.

  • Roses - may vary in size, and theirdepicted on different parts of the body, but recently the location of this tattoo on the inside of the elbow has become especially fashionable. It looks very gentle, but keep in mind that the skin is very sensitive there, without local anesthesia, you can lose consciousness from the pain.
    beautiful little tattoos
  • The lotus is an important symbol in many easternreligions. It can mean rebirth, overcoming life's difficulties, it is considered the embodiment of the feminine principle. Therefore sometimes this flower is painted realistically, and sometimes only its outlines are made, and the petals are decorated with ethnic motifs.
  • Dandelion - this simple and cute flower is liked by many girls, it looks most advantageous on shoulders and shoulder blades when it seems that the wind blows its seeds from the skin.
    beautiful little tattoos

Beautiful little tattoos

To express yourself, it is not necessary to transform the entire body into one large canvas for the arts. A small drawing with meaning and in a good place can be much more "verbose" than a big tattoo.

Many newcomers prefer to make small tattoos - they want to know how painful this process is and what to do so that it is not so offensive if the drawing does not like it anymore.

Also, small pictures are popular among girls - they look cute and gentle, especially made on the neck, wrist, ankles, fingers.

Among the small tattoos are popular:

  • Drawings on the finger. For example, glasses or a heart.And girls who are fond of photography, will certainly appreciate the inscription "Smile" on the inside of the index finger, which becomes visible when you are preparing to press the shutter of the camera.
  • "Rings" - they can both imitate jewelry, and just be a small elegant or funny drawing (for example, cat face or flower).
    beautiful tattoos on the wrist
  • Paw prints have different meanings. For example, canine traces are a symbol of strength and pride, and feline tracks designate playfulness and cunning in the character of their bearer.
  • Birds are a great drawing for freedom-loving natures.
    beautiful tattoos on the wrist

Beautiful tattoos on the wrist

Do you think bracelets and watches are too boring? Then decorate the wrist with a gentle tattoo. Here are a few ideas:

  • Tattoos in the form of a cardiogram - which can beIt is more natural for a place where the heartbeat is clearly felt. Different people put their meaning in this drawing. Someone supplements it with the words "Live, smile" and sees in it a constant reminder that you need to live here and now and enjoy every day. And someone devotes this drawing to a loved one - a guy, a husband, a mother, a child.
  • A bow is a delicate ornament for a thin handle. It can be both volumetric and color, and simply executed with the help of thin lines of the same color.
    beautiful tattoos on the wrist
  • Infinity sign. Another beautiful tattoo with a meaning. It is also supplemented with the words "Life, love, happiness", sometimes write inspirational phrases in the form of an elongated inverted eight.
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