Bright and flashy style of the 80's in clothes


Eighties ... For everyone this wordis associated with a whole set of images, memories, experiences. Someone comes to mind the unforgettable music of the 80s, someone remembers free morals, the spread of cigarettes and alcohol, but one thing remains unchanged - the bright eighties first of all remained in the memory of people with their "flashy" fashion.

style of 80's in clothes

Mixing of styles, extraordinary solutions, drive,frankness, boldness and radicalism - all this characterizes the style of the 80's in clothes as well as possible. The decade has remained in history with sharp and bright colors, neon shine, tight outfits, incongruous invoices. Until now, echoes of the 80's can be seen in fashion designers' shows and just on the street. What is the fashion of the 80s? What was it that attracted the young people of that time and not only?

Bright colors

After a simple and natural fashion of the 70's in lifemillions literally broke into the poisonous-bright and flashy style of the 80's in clothes. Acid colors quickly replaced all the others, as if they were not. Raspberry, fuchsia, bright orange, yellow, bright blue - these shades took the first places in the wardrobe of the then fashionable women.

fashion of the 1980s

"Rubber" fabrics

The fashion of the 1980s brought to the masses a love forelastic, stretch fabrics: stretch, knitwear, lycra, batik, velvet - everything that used to be used in sewing sportswear penetrated into the everyday style of the 80's in clothes. In addition, incredibly fashionable steel short leather jackets, which were worn by both boys and girls. A more restrained version was a jeans jacket, but it was also necessarily short and had an original cut.

Second skin

Popular clothes of the 80s - tight dresses,bright leggings, mini skirts, T-shirts with huge prints, overalls, trousers "varenki." These things, sewed from stretch fabrics, repeated the shape of the body and created the effect of "second skin". The girls did not hesitate to do this, on the contrary, the beautiful sport body entered into fashion, which should be emphasized by all means. Heading exercises aerobics, shaping, bodybuilding required demonstration of the results. So there was a special style of the 80's in clothes, and his symbols were leggings and bicycles.

80's clothes photo
Nonclassical classics

The eighties revived the classic fashion,adding to it the brightness and drive. Popularity has acquired an X-shaped silhouette with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, dresses dragged by massive belts, narrow skirts and blouses with ruffles, bows, frill - all this is the transformation of the classics that the clothes of the 80s underwent. Photos of the bright decade still cause slight envy - not everyone can now wear a dress-trumpet or baggy sweaters in combination with a mini-skirt, but in the 80s, they went not only to parties, but also to work.

80's style

Sexuality and aggression

The whole image of the then lady shouted: "If you are brave, come closer." The timeless there was nothing to do - the confidence of a girl of the 80s reached the highest limit. In addition, in combination with flashy clothes, bright and aggressive makeup and hairstyle created a special image. High fleece, colored shadows, applied to the eyebrows, tinted eyebrows - so the girls expressed themselves and their attitude towards others.

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