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Saya Magazumbekna Orazgaliyeva is known for herTV series "Universities", participation in Shine and FM groups. This is a very sweet and charming girl, who proved that any heights can be achieved with her own diligence and dedication.


Saya Orazgalieva was born on April 7, 1988 in theKazakhstan, in the small village of Belaya Gora of the Ulan district of the East Kazakhstan region. The girl grew up in a simple family: her mother at that time worked as a kindergarten teacher, father as a trucker. Saya Orazgaliyeva, whose nationality is Kazakh (only her grandmother is Ukrainian, all the rest are Asians), was brought up quite strictly in accordance with the customs of her country, but from her childhood she was very violent. As the mother of the actress Gulnara Domalatova notes, the girl grew like a tomboy: she loved boyish games, sports clothes, and once even arranged a real fight at school and returned home with a bruise.

Saya Orazgalieva

When Sae was 9 years old, her parents divorced, and this time was very difficult and difficult for the child, because she was very fond of both mother and father (the actress considers herself "father's daughter").

In the girl, the actor's talent began to show itself:she loved to sing, recite, participate in skits and plays. Lovely appearance was only an assistant. At the age of 13, the girl was invited to appear in a commercial, accidentally saw her on the street, and Sai firmly understood that her dream was to become an actress.


Having graduated from the 9th grade of secondary school, SayOrazgalieva, whose photo is presented in the article, on her mother's advice left her small town in the capital city of Alma-Ata, where she entered the ACTGTK (Almaty Kazakh-Turkish Humanitarian-Technological College) for the specialty "translator-referent". The study was easy, but it had to be paid.

Saya Orazgaliyeva photo

Since the family's affairs at that time were not verywell, in her spare time from studying, Sai worked as a waitress. The girl dreamed of associating her life with acting, so after college she planned to enter the journalism faculty. But fate decreed otherwise.


Mom of the girl at this time worked as a cook in the police department. So she met Sara Orazgalieva with her future husband. The girl was 19 years old, her chosen one - 4 years more when they were married. Soon, on March 16, 2009, the son of Radmir was born.

Saya Orazgalieva and her husband, whose photos were oncefilled many printed publications, parted in a rather short time. According to the actress, she initiated the divorce. In the wife she did not find the firmness and determination that she so dreamed of seeing in her beloved man. Several years of marriage have shown that this person is not the one with whom the girl would like to live a lifetime.

Heavy period

Divorce, family breakdown - always painfula process full of pain, resentment and emotion. Sai Orazgalieva, a cheerful and resolute person, did not become an exception: after receiving the long-awaited divorce, the girl fell into a prolonged depression. I did not want to see anyone, I just left my house. Saya could only force herself to wear worn jeans, sneakers and get to the nearest pharmacy for diapers baby.

Saya Orazgalieva and her husband

Native and friends supported as best they could, but nothingdid not save me from longing for a dream that had collapsed. And then Sai's father sent the girl to the casting group FM. Saya went, especially not counting on success, - such a gray mouse, still dressing like a boy, without musical education and a little bit of serious experience of stage performances. Imagine her surprise when on the way home she was called back and told that she was accepted!

From scratch

Since that moment, the life of Sai has radically changed.Working with a stylist, cosmetologist, vocal courses, choreography and scenic skill turned a teenage girl into a bright and sexy woman. Changes in appearance and style forced life again to shine in bright colors, and the girl returned to self-confidence and her own love of life. An additional incentive was the interesting fact that the FM group was one of her former wife's favorites. How can you not put your soul and do not make women's ego?

Saya Orazgalieva biography

The work in the project was successful.Then there was the participation in the group Shine - no less bright and popular. But soon Sai realized that she was tired of such a busy life, and she wants something more serious. To start a solo career, we needed serious enough money that the girl did not have. But during the time of participation in musical groups, Sai had acquaintances from the world of the film industry, and the young mother decided to try herself in the television series.

Scandalous story

At first, the former spouse of Sai regularly visitedchild and paid alimony, sufficient to pay for housing and buy the baby everything you need. But then a second marriage followed, the birth of children with another woman. Communication with the son became more and more rare, and then the requirements to reduce alimony began. Saya did not agree, first, because of the rather tight financial situation, and secondly, because of the belief that both parents should take part, if not in upbringing, then at least in the maintenance of the child.

A series of quarrels and clarification of relations began.On the Internet, the articles and the details of the family life of the disintegrated couple filled the scene, exposing Sayu in a very unfavorable light. There were reciprocal suits in court, but the girl's appeals for some reason were "lost" in a strange way, while the statements of the former spouse were immediately given a move. Probably, their role was played by ties.

Saya Orazgalieva and her husband photo

Saya was adamant.She understood that her husband was in charge of her husband, but she did not know what caused this attitude. In the meantime, information appeared on the web that Radmir is the son of a completely different man, and Sai's betrayal was supposedly revealed only now. A former husband required DNA analysis.

Mother and son

Drowning in an innocent girl is notshe managed to restore her good name, but the lawsuits with the former spouse do not stop and to this day. Saya managed to deprive him of paternity, since he believes that such a person can not be a positive example for a growing boy. Life has shown that Sayya Orazgalieva and her husband are far from being such an ideal couple, as both seemed at the beginning of the relationship.

Saya admits that she is grateful to her ex-wife fora son whom she loves immensely and educates herself now, sometimes resorting to the help of her mother. The actress admits that she is trying to be strict with respect to the boy, not to indulge him and not spoil. The son of Radmir is the main and most important thing that exists in a girl's life.

Career in cinema

So, Sai decided to try herself as amovie actresses. The first role was in the series "Zhanym". The heroine was very close in spirit to Sai - a young mother, forced to raise her blind child, and for the sake of earnings came from the provinces to the capital city. Almost autobiographical picture.

Saya Orazgalieva nationality

Popularity has come.Saya became known in public places and asked for an autograph. But the real glory brought to the girl series "Higher Education" (2012-2014), which has become very popular with young people. But the actress herself is not happy with her role, because the heroine is her complete opposite.

Sai also had episodic rhodes in pictures"Ashyk Zhurek", "Uy bolu kiyn" and "The Book". Now the actress is very popular in the film world and social networks, so she is not going to stop there.

New life

Saya Orazgalieva - in the past a girl from a smallthe provincial district, the "tomboy" and the prankster, now - a young mother, a successful and popular film actress and just a beautiful young woman. How many still unfulfilled living peaks await this beautiful actress!

Saya Orazgaliyeva, whose biography can becomean example for many girls, is happy together with his little son, tries to devote him as much time as possible and bring up a real man. She admits that she has a friend and a heart - a man who was able to prove to her that he is stronger, and thereby conquered her inaccessible and proud heart!

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