What will be the result of the legalization of bookmakers in New Jersey?

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In the United States there are fairly strict laws in placegambling. Bookmakers do not work in all states, a significant part of jurisdictions prohibit online betting on football, as well as online casinos.

While the European gambling market is estimated at $ 90 billion, of which $ 15-16 billion accounted for online bookmakers, the situation in the United States is different. Bookmakers in Europe annually increase profits, attracting thousands ofnew customers. American operators, although they work without losses, can not boast of multibillion-dollar incomes, writes internet portal stavki-na-sports.com.

According to experts, the share of online gambling increases by 11% annually. 85 countries of the world legalized bookmakers that accept online betting on football and other sports games. In the US, decisions are made by each state independently.

Some of the pioneers of American online gambling are Delaware and New Jersey. Local residents can fully use the services of bookmakers.

The American market is still in its infancycondition. However, according to MorganStanley, by 2020 bookmakers will bring New Jersey about $ 5 billion. In fairness, it should be noted that this figure also includes future profits from online casinos and poker rooms. However, the positive dynamics will continue in the following years.

Since 2014, when New Jerseylegalized online betting on football, state revenues increased by $ 150 million. As a result, the authorities of Pennsylvania, California and New York are seriously considering how to legitimize online bookmakers.

In February, gambling brought New Jersey $ 15 million. The indicators were 40% better than in January. In March, revenues increased to $ 16 million.

In addition to the budget, local residents also benefit from legal rates. They are free to choose and can become clients of any of the authorized bookmakers.

Representatives of manyEuropean companies. Lately, rumors have been growing that many states are ready for the legalization of online gambling. And although this process will not be quick, by opening one online bookmaker office in New Jersey, you can later start a business in the rest of the states.

The US is conservative in everything that concerns gambling on the Internet. Bookmakers face significant obstacles in trying to legitimize their business.

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