When is the Day of the Land Forces celebrated? The history of the Day of the Land Forces of the Russian Federation

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The history of the creation of this type of troops began inthe middle of the XVI century. In 1550, on October 1, an important turning point took place in the Russian army. The Russian Tsar I. Ivan the Terrible (IV) issued a decree laying the foundations for the very first permanent army with signs of a regular army. From this day the history of the holiday, called the Day of the Land Forces of Russia, is counted.

day of the ground forces

The whole history of the origin and development of the militaryformations quite long, diverse and interesting. And the main goal for centuries of changes in the country is the strengthening of the army. All this in brief can be learned from this article. But first it should be noted that many of the land army have their own significant day (narrow professional), for example: Air Defense Day, Artillery and Rocket Forces Day, Tankman Day, etc. However, the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Army deemed it necessary to create a general holiday - Day of the Land Forces to strengthen the fighting brotherhood even more.

History of the development of troops of the 16th and 18th centuries

According to the aforementioned decree inTimes were created streletskie shelves, and organized a guard service. A detachment of artillery was also allocated to an independent genus. Sagittarians were armed with advanced devices, mine explosives and hand-held firearms. The system of manning and military service in the local army was also ordered.

Management of the army and its supply becamecentralized, and the soldiers' stay in service became permanent both in military and peacetime. An important period in the development and improvement of the land army was the reform of Peter the Great. By his decree (from 1699), the recruitment principle began to operate in the formation of the army.

day of the land forces of russia

In 1763 a general structure was establishedinfantry regiments. Each of them had 12 mouths (including 2 grenadier and 10 musketeers), united in 2 battalions, as well as a team of artillerymen. In 1764, when the head of the Military Collegium became PA. Rumyantsev, began to pay more attention to the organizational structure of the army and the improvement of the conditions of service of soldiers.

Many important historical events took place inRussia, before they began to celebrate the Day of the Land Forces. All stages of history brought certain important and significant changes to the system of the entire military affairs.

Army of the 19th-20th centuries

In 1812, on July 6, according to the manifesto of AlexanderI created the Ministry of Military-Land Forces. And under Alexander II reform continued. They introduced the universal military service, the army structure was reorganized, according to which the methods of armament and manning of troops, as well as the system of personnel training, were changed.

The end of the 19th century was marked by significant changes in the technical component of the land army. This is due to the extensive development of aviation, railway traffic and aeronautics.

day of the ground forces of the Russian Federation

After the events of the revolutionary (1917) developmenttroops continued as part of the Red Army (Workers 'and Peasants'), which during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) played a decisive role in the victory over the fascists.

Officially, the Ground Forces were formed asa kind of the Armed forces in 1946. At that time, the Main Command of the Land Forces was formed. The first commander-in-chief of the land army - G. Zhukov (Marshal of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).

When is the Day of the Land Forces celebrated?

Another stage in the reform of this type of troops,as well as the entire Russian army, occurred after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Modern Land Forces are the most diverse in composition and methods of conducting their combat operations arms, as well as the most numerous. They are designed to repel the aggression of military operations that occur only on land, as well as to protect the integrity of the country's territories and national interests.

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The role and role of the army in ensuring securityThe Russian Federation did not decrease from military operations, but on the contrary - increased. Day of the Land Forces of the Russian Federation is annually celebrated by the decree of the President of the country on October 1.

Which troops belong to the land?

The general purpose is to conduct combat operations on land. Many military arms mark the historic Day of the Land Forces. These include the following:

  • tank;
  • motorized rifle;
  • air defense forces;
  • missile and artillery;
  • Signal Corps.


Very important and significant for the whole country DayOf the Ground Troops. This army is capable of combat capabilities, interacting with other species, to conduct an effective attack on the enemy, seizing its territory. These troops have the opportunity to inflict firing strikes at great depth, repelling opponents, and retain the lines and territories occupied. Today we can say with confidence that the Russian Ground Forces have always played and continue to play one of the most important roles in protecting the interests of the people and in achieving victory over the enemies.

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