Where do ants with wings come from?

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Everyone knows the ant. We imagine him to be such a tiny laborer who conducts his life exclusively in earthly troubles. And what is our surprise when one day we find in the sky of large winged insects, which lightly fly over an anthill with a cloud of clouds. Who are these ants with wings? Today we will get to know them better.

ants with wings

Of whom is the ant family

The most common in the world are blackants. They can be found in the forest, in the garden and even in urban apartments. The structure of their families looks the same as other types of insect data. It includes the most important object of concern and anxiety of the ant community - the so-called "brood", adult individuals with sexual characteristics, and workers (females, unable to reproduce).

The number of individuals living in the same family,can reach 20,000. Work ants are also divided into large families into castes: soldiers, nannies, builders, etc. A special place in the anthill is occupied by sexually mature males and females, whom they also call ant queens. They are exactly the same black ants with wings that swirl over us in the mating flight.

What happens after the flight

female ant with wings

Soon after the pairing takes place,the young female discards her wings (she either bites them off, or they break off on the previously planned line) and tries to create a new family. She has to rely only on herself, as her male soon dies, and these insects do not take help with themselves.

So, the female ant with wings says goodbye and finds shelter somewhere under the stone. Here, from the eggs laid by her, a new anthill will take its start.

Black ants like dry sandy soil, butcan choose for nests and human habitation. Appearing first, the workers immediately begin construction of a small hills-anthill over a nest with "brood."

How the "anthill" grows

Ants, barely hatching from a cocoon, are fed by a motherfamilies, take care of eggs and larvae. They, already growing up, become food-earners, soldiers and builders in a couple of weeks. By the way, on how exactly the larva was fed, it depends who will later be born: ants with wings (future founders of families) or working individuals.

Interesting and this "position" of an insect: a heat carrier. Yes, yes, as it should be heated in the sun, this individual returns home! There she gives warmth, paying special attention to the premises with the offspring.

Than so annoy black ants with wings and without them

black ants with wings

In addition to the fact that black ants who have occupied your country house can hardly be considered pleasant neighbors, gardeners know very well that this is perhaps one of the most undesirable insects on the site.

They are breeding herds of aphids, from which they "milk"sweet milk. In every way guarding their wet nurse and transferring them from already eaten shoots to fresh, young, ants contribute to the reproduction of parasites and the death of fruit trees, which they love especially strongly.

But if you move large red from the forestfemale ants (this must be ants with wings, ready for separation from the family), then they will dislodge the black fellow from the garden plot. And these insects are already useful in the garden, so let them live and reproduce.

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