Female names: Chechen traditions and meanings

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The decision on how to name a child hasa huge sacral value. Many believe that this can affect the character and destiny of a person, giving him special features and abilities. Each people has its own names, which have been formed for many hundreds of years. Very beautiful are women's names of Chechen origin.

What names give women in Chechnya

Chechen women's names

Muslims, choosing how to name a girl,try to take into account all the traditions of their beliefs. Many Chechen women's names come from the names of sacred animals, plants, and revered natural phenomena. An interesting feature of Muslim names is the origin of many of them from the verb form. For example, Vakha, translated into Russian, means "live", Yisa - "stay." This unusual choice is due to the fact that in ancient times Muslims believed that in this way it is possible to save the child from death. If the family was very poor, then, after calling daughter Vakha, parents asked heaven for special indulgence for the baby. Chechen women's names can also occur from adjectives (Alia - "majestic", Amina - "faithful", Farikha - "happy").

Ancient female names

Chechen women's names and their meanings

Much has been borrowed by the Chechens from the ancientPersians, Syrians and even the Slavs. Many Chechen female names may have several variants of pronunciation depending on the region of residence and the dialect spoken by the inhabitants of a given locality. Very revered in our time names derived from the names of the holy prophets and their wives. This is Zeinab (the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad), Zuleyha (the wife of the Prophet Yusuf), Madina (the city of the Prophet Muhammad), Maryam (the mother of the Prophet Isa), Khadija (one of the wives of the Prophet Muhammad).

Popular female names

Chechen women's names

Modern Chechen parents are free to choosename for his daughter. Very popular are the once forgotten old names: Suhayma - "smooth", Firdevs - "Paradise level", Maymunah - "blessed", Palla - "butterfly", etc.

Classical names that always remainin demand: Kamila - "perfection", Zukhra - "star", Aziza - "dear", Jamila - "beautiful", Yasmin - "jasmine". Chechen women's names and their meanings are very interesting for studying, since behind each of them lies a long story and fabulous legends.

The choice of a name for the child depends on the wishesparents and close relatives, but do not forget about its compatibility with the patronymic and surname. This combination should be harmonious and harmonious, and also easily pronounced. Otherwise, the girl may have problems with communication in the future. There are cases when grown up children are so resistant to the choice of parents that they even officially change their name. Therefore, you need to think carefully about the choice of a name for the daughter, because she will have to wear it throughout her life.

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