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Probably, it is not necessary to explain that with the conceptservice (service) we encounter almost daily and everywhere. Now we will look at the meaning of the word "service" in general terms. At the same time we will try to analyze the basic situations in everyday life, where this concept occurs most often.

The etymology of the concept: what is service

If we start from the basic interpretations,offered by modern dictionaries, almost all of them claim that this word comes from the Latin service, servio and servus, which denote "service", "serve", "service", "bonded", "obligated," etc.

what is service

True, today the answer to the question about what isservice is usually more associated with the English version of the word service, which literally translates as "service." By the way, in the Slavic languages ​​this concept came relatively recently. Now you can bring some areas where the concept occurs most often.

Where there is the concept of "service" in everyday life

As a rule, most people have the answer to a questionabout what a service is, is associated with a service industry or some kind of service. For example, very often such a concept applies to the hotel or restaurant business, the service sector of cars, etc.

the meaning of the word service

A bit less often, but also quite widelythe question of what a service is, can also be applied to specialized technical services that service some equipment after it is sold to the customer.

In principle, it is not necessary to go far.It is enough to consider any purchase of such a plan. After all, it's no secret that when a trade transaction is drawn up, the client is given the right to apply to the service department during the warranty and post-warranty period, if suddenly there will be some unforeseen breakdown. It turns out that the manufacturer or the seller, as it were, pre-offer a set of services to fix problems with technical devices (which may arise in the future) even before the appearance of such devices.

Service in computer technologies

Not less often, the concept of "service" is also found inthe computer world. It is clear that, for example, in the same "operating systems" Windows (or any other) there are special service programs and applets, the implementation of which is aimed at servicing the entire system as a whole to prevent or eliminate malfunctions.

service is

This also includes the concept of web services,which provide any services on the Internet with the help of specialized programs. Take at least the services of Internet providers, e-commerce in the form of online stores with the delivery of goods, the development of sites and Internet applications, etc.


Although these are only basic, so to speak, keymoments associated with the interpretation of the concept, these examples can be understood that a service is a kind of service system in order to provide more comfortable use of any services, equipment, etc.

Of course, in a broader sense, the service canname any service. For example, they brought you coffee in the restaurant for a minimum period of time after the order, and in addition to it chocolate or biscuits. Naturally, you immediately exclaim: "This is a service!" Actually, the very concept of "service" and suggests some actions aimed at satisfying not only the wishes of the client, but also often his expectations, which may not even enter the main range of services.

However, examples of the service can be found almost inall spheres of human life at almost every step. However, the original interpretation remains unchanged. At the same time, even the smallest manifestations of such activity can be called a service, as, say, it was described in the example above.

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