Why do men have an erection in the morning? Opinion of scientists

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The question of why men experience an erection withmorning, interests both men and women. Quite accurately, scientists could answer it. Confidence in this issue is not yet, but this version is confirmed by a large number of facts and to date is most consistent with the alleged truth.

an erection in men

Back in 1940, when theclinical observations of boys between the ages of three and twelve months, it was observed that spontaneous arousal is a frequent companion to a child's sleep. It was also found that the swelling of the penis coincides with the phases of the so-called rapid sleep and occurs in both men and infants. But why do men experience an erection in the morning?

This issue was also not ignored. After 1940, large-scale studies of sleep and the mechanisms of erection emerged in the morning in a strong half of humanity. Scientists who were engaged in finding out why men experience an erection in the morning decided to compare the occurrence of excitation and sleep phases. During the research, they found that the penis swells throughout the night, but at different intervals of sleep. In total, the penis is in a state of excitation for an average of almost an hour and a half. The strongest erection in men manifested itself just closer to the morning, when a man woke up.

Why do men have an erection in the morning? All the periods of morning and night excitement coincided in time with a fast sleep - certain phases of dreams (it is in such periods and dreams are made). If you observe from the outside, you can see when a person enters this phase. During this stage, involuntary rapid movements of eyeballs are noted. Rapid sleep phases give people maximum rest. They allow you to sleep well, see dreams, and it is at these intervals that an erection appears in men.

 why men have an erection in the morning

Why do men have an erection in the morning?And most importantly, why does this process take place? As it turned out, the only role she performs is signaling to the man that everything is in order with the functioning of his genital organ.

why men experience an erection in the morning
Laboratory observations and experiments showed thatit is important what kind of dreams a man sees. In other words, the content of dreams does not affect the erection process at night and in the morning. This dispelled the myth that excitement is more pronounced during erotic dreams.

However, it is noticed that the strongest erectionwas in those men who perfectly slept, were not suppressed psychologically, did not experience stress and health problems, slept more than eight hours a day (but less than ten). Why do men have an erection in the morning? This is an indicator of high potency. And such negative factors as lack of sleep and fatigue, naturally, badly affect the physical and moral condition of any person. Therefore, doctors and scientists recommend that all men keep calm, watch their health, the regime of the day and sleep.

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